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A set of scripts for console format conversion written for ConsolUX.

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I am sharing a set of scripts I've written for console file conversion while working on this project.

These have been authored and tested with WinPython targeting python 3.8.2 and have PyPNG as prerequisite.

Some details for running them are below:

First ensure you have python. I'm not a python expert, so assuming that any recent Python 3 version will work. E.g. I have:

>python --version
Python 3.8.2

Then install PyPNG if you don't have it yet:

>pip install pypng
To use Saturn tools as an example, to convert to PNG use the following commands:

To convert PNG to game formats use the following commands:

All of the tools provide hints when run without arguments, e.g. the below will output usage text

>python restore 

The tools included are:

  • - converters for Saturn tilesets
  • - converters for Saturn fullscreen raster files
  • - miscellaneous tools (tool to search for and dump part of frames static data from a binary in plain and Dehacked format and a poor man's implementation of GNU strings tool)
  • - unpacker for libburger REZ format, also expands shape sets, sprites into individual named files, and gives appropriate names to map lumps, textures and flats
  • - converter for 3DO CEL images (3DO doom sprites, textures, flats and graphics)
  • - converter for 3DO map lumps, that also produces MAPINFO fragments and renames textures and flats if asked to, and can dump map names in Dehacked formap and a list of song names for maps
  • - simple converter from PSX palette to PC palette format that dumps each entry as a separate *.pal file (useful to explore PSX assets with Slade)

For SCR and CHR conversion runs both ways, so one can change the game files with it. Be warned that conversion to SCR and CHR from PNG has not been thoroughly tested, but converting to PNG, editing with Paint dotNet and converting back seems to work. 3DO files conversion is just one way.

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