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Making a song in FL studio! Just something for the simple minded.

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Learning how to make music can be easy and really difficult for some people. It totally depends how much motivation you have to do something that everyone else will love. We all need to start somewhere... how about starting now?

When you first start up FL studio... you will get this (images are high res, so thats why they are links.)

What you want to do to is highlight the steps.

Let me show you in this picture alone

In step

1. click the steps under the "kick" section. make a 4/4 beat.

2. Right click one of the instrument bars and go to insert and pick a vst that you would like. Styrus is Stock in FL studio. You should have it

3.This is what it should look like.

4. Right click on the styrus instrument box and click Piano Roll.

5.Make sure you set the pattern layer to 2 when you are adding a new instrument.

6. When the piano roll comes up, try clicking in some places. Push the play button to hear what notes you have clicked on. You can click on the notes you have made and drag and move them as well.

7. Click on the playlist button (all the way on the left.) A window should pop up something that kind of looks like a piano roll

8. Putting the song together is sort of like writing a melody. Click at the top left of your bar window and make some bars that are right next to each other. And do the same thing right below it. You should get what you see. (close to it. Depends how you made your melody)

9. Click on the song button and click play. you should hear the notes you made and the rhythm you made as well. To add on to the song.. Click Pattern "PAT" and add more sounds and keep adding layers. Make sure that every instrument has its own layer you want to use it for. Other than that, you should be fine....

This tutorial was just something to show the ones who completely don't understand the program at all. I also made this with some of my bored spare time. I hope this helps you in the future!


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