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A reference list of SageXML folder containing .xml files (the folder that can be found inside the main RA3 MOD SDK directory).

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/SageXML (main folder) global or general data, such as audio, cinematics, World Builder data, etc.

/Allied Allied units, structures and props, plus Allied.xml and AlliedMapSpecific.xml files
/Allied/Props e.g. projectiles, collapses, time bombs, a parachute, ASO
/Allied/Structures Allied structures, barrakcs, base defences, etc.
/Allied/Units Allied infantry units, vehicular units, and aircraft
/Allied/Units_Campaign campaign units, such as salvage ship
/AptUI various UI data for particular menus, e.g. singeplayer and multiplayer screens, and campaign mission screens
/BaseObjects fundamental data, such as squads, miners, "eggs" (see /Japan/Eggs), etc.
/Civilian files including particular props for campaign sceneries, e.g. Havana.xml includes all files in Havana_HV folder (for a Havana style map)
/Civilian/Amsterdam_AM folders: Buildings, Destructible_Props, Optimized_Props, Props, Structures
/Civilian/Amsterdam_AM/Buildings e.g. AM_AlliedFutureTechHQ.xml, AM_CanalWalls.xml, and some other future tech buildings
/Civilian/Amsterdam_AM/Destructible_Props fences, boats, lights, walls
/Civilian/Amsterdam_AM/Optimized_Props street segments, plants, debris, a bench, etc.
/Civilian/Amsterdam_AM/Props collapses
/Civilian/Amsterdam_AM/Structures a row house, wallpieces
/Civilian/Brighton_Beach_BB only folders: Buildings, Optimized_Props, Props
/Civilian/Brighton_Beach_BB/Buildings e.g. a coastal gun, hotels, a restaurant, a royal pavilion
/Civilian/Brighton_Beach_BB/Optimized_Props cliff walls, a bench, piers, ASO
/Civilian/Brighton_Beach_BB/Props collapses for hotels, etc.
/Civilian/Buildings files, such as: AM_Bridge_01.xml, Bridge1.xml, other bridges' declarations
/Civilian/Cannes_CA folders: Buildings, Optimized_Props, props
/Civilian/Cannes_CA/Buildings hotels, Allied convention center, a port authority buildings, etc.
/Civilian/Cannes_CA/Optimized_Props street segments only
/Civilian/Cannes_CA/Props Allied convention center and hotel collapses, etc
/Civilian/Cannes_CS folders: Props and Shrubbery
/Civilian/Cannes_CS/Props e.g. beach walls, a bus stop, chairs, umbrellas
/Civilian/Cannes_CS/Shrubbery bushes, plants, palms, ferns, a tree
/Civilian/Cape_Cod_CC folders: Buildings, Props, Shrubbery
/Civilian/Cape_Cod_CC/Buildings houses, garages, light houses
/Civilian/Cape_Cod_CC/Props collapses
/Civilian/Cape_Cod_CC/Shrubbery bushes, grass tiles, trees
/Civilian/Easter_Island_EI folders: Buildings, Optimized_Props, Props
/Civilian/Easter_Island_EI/Buildings head defences, volcano fortresses, other EI structures
/Civilian/Easter_Island_EI/Optimized_Props cliff walls, palms, statues, Tiki torches, volcanos, volcano cliffs and rocks
/Civilian/Easter_Island_EI/Props Allied and Soviet flag poles, collapses of buildings
/Civilian/Floating_Island_FI folders: Buildings, Props
/Civilian/Floating_Island_FI/Buildings fortress main gun, a power core, other FI structures
/Civilian/Floating_Island_FI/Props collapses of above, plus deck props, ruins, cranes, etc.
/Civilian/Geneva_GE folders: Buildings, Props
/Civilian/Geneva_GE/Buildings apartments, a Swiss bank, a town house
/Civilian/Geneva_GE/Props a kiosk, a light, a planter, a statue, collapses
/Civilian/Gibraltar_GI folders: Buildings, Props, Structures
/Civilian/Gibraltar_GI/Buildings e.g. apartments, rocks, hotels, a mosuqe, a stadium
/Civilian/Gibraltar_GI/Props collapses only
/Civilian/Gibraltar_GI/Structures air strips, a fence, bleachers, piers, road markings, etc.
/Civilian/Golf_Course_GC folders: Buildings, Props, Shrubbery
/Civilian/Golf_Course_GC/Buildings 2 files: GC_Office01.xml, GC_Office02.xml (offices)
/Civilian/Golf_Course_GC/Props autos, a hill, cliff walls, a sign, office collapses
/Civilian/Golf_Course_GC/Shrubbery bushes, plants, a tree
/Civilian/Gypsy_Village_GV folders: Buildings, Destructible_Props, Optimized_Props, Props, Structures
/Civilian/Gypsy_Village_GV/Buildings only two files: Soviet circus tent, Soviet orbital refuse satellite
/Civilian/Gypsy_Village_GV/Destructible_Props ballons, flags, fences, wagons, kiosks, etc.
/Civilian/Gypsy_Village_GV/Optimized_Props e.g. runways, cliff walls, bleachers, wagons, seawalls
/Civilian/Gypsy_Village_GV/Props 7 collapses: freakshow, circus tent, Orbital Refuse Satellite collapse, tent collapses
/Civilian/Gypsy_Village_GV/Structures a freakshow, spaces, tents
/Civilian/Havana_HV folders: Destructible_Props, Optimized_Props, Props, Structures
/Civilian/Havana_HV/Destructible_Props autos, a fountain, an iron fence, lamp posts, sculptures, ASO
/Civilian/Havana_HV/Optimized_Props a buoy, planters, street segments, a tree ring
/Civilian/Havana_HV/Props only collapses (mainly hotel collapses)
/Civilian/Havana_HV/Structures e.g. hotels, sea walls, shops, a stadium
/Civilian/Hawaii_HA folders: Buildings, Optimized_Props, Props, Shrubbery
/Civilian/Hawaii_HA/Buildings 3 unnamed structures: HA_Building16.xml, HA_Building16_02.xml, HA_Building16_03.xml
/Civilian/Hawaii_HA/Optimized_Props bamboo fences, garden rocks, rocks, sea cliff walls, a waterfall
/Civilian/Hawaii_HA/Props 3 collapses of 3 above unnamed structures
/Civilian/Hawaii_HA/Shrubbery a bamboo, bonsai's, bushes, plants, trees
/Civilian/Heidelberg_HB folders: Buildings, Destructible_Props, Optimized_Props, Props, Shrubbery
/Civilian/Heidelberg_HB/Buildings a big cask, a brewery, a bridge and a bridge tower, castle buildings, castle walls, ASO
/Civilian/Heidelberg_HB/Destructible_Props only 5 fences
/Civilian/Heidelberg_HB/Optimized_Props a bench, cliff walls, street segments, walls
/Civilian/Heidelberg_HB/Props signs, a lighthouse, fences, a table, a statue, collapses of buildings
/Civilian/Heidelberg_HB/Shrubbery only 12 trees
/Civilian/Iceland_IL folders: Buildings, Props, Shrubbery
/Civilian/Iceland_IL/Buildings 4 unnamed buildings: IL_Structure_01.xml, IL_Structure_02.xml, IL_Structure_03.xml, IL_Structure_04.xml
/Civilian/Iceland_IL/Props cliff walls, glaciers, rocks, runways, sea cliff walls, thermal vents, some collapses
/Civilian/Iceland_IL/Shrubbery 5 bushes, 2 trees
/Civilian/Island_Fortress_IF only one folder: Optimized_Props
/Civilian/Island_Fortress_IF/Optimized_Props 28 edge pieces, 4 ramps, 12 street segments
/Civilian/Kremlin_KR folders: Buildings, Destructible_Props, Optimized_Props, Props
/Civilian/Kremlin_KR/Buildings an artillery dome, a historical museum, cathedral elements, unnamed Kremlin structures
/Civilian/Kremlin_KR/Destructible_Props chain barriers, a czar bell, a czar cannon, a light pole, a statue, a trolley pole, 6 trees
/Civilian/Kremlin_KR/Optimized_Props river edges, street segments, shrubs, retaining walls, others
/Civilian/Kremlin_KR/Props 19 collapses
/Civilian/Mount_Fuji_MJ folders: Buildings, Optimized_Props, Props, Structures
/Civilian/Mount_Fuji_MJ/Buildings a viewing tower, 4 structures (MJ_Structure_01.xml, ASO)
/Civilian/Mount_Fuji_MJ/Optimized_Props a Buddha statue, 11 cliff walls, a grass tile, walls, a wood lantern, etc.
/Civilian/Mount_Fuji_MJ/Props 2 banners, a guard house, a stone fence, 5 collapses (a viewing tower collapse plus 4 MJ_Structure collapses)
/Civilian/Mount_Fuji_MJ/Structures palace walls, palace water walls, piers
/Civilian/Mount_Rushmore_MR folders: Buildings, Destructible_Props, Optimized_Props, Props, Structures
/Civilian/Mount_Rushmore_MR/Buildings e.g. a helicopter bunker, a radio tower, a firing base, head controls
/Civilian/Mount_Rushmore_MR/Destructible_Props autos, redwoods, 6 trees, a wall
/Civilian/Mount_Rushmore_MR/Optimized_Props 18 cliffs, 4 path trims, stairs, a street segment, a Yosemite Park cliff (YP_Cliff01, see /Civilian/Yosemite_Park)
/Civilian/Mount_Rushmore_MR/Props collapses, a street segment
/Civilian/Mount_Rushmore_MR/Structures an amphitheatre
/Civilian/Mykonos_MY folders: Buildings, Destructible_Props, Optimized_Props, Props, Shrubbery
/Civilian/Mykonos_MY/Buildings Allied science lub, a tech scrambler, an apartment, an archway, a boat, churches, houses, statues, an umbrella, walls, a windmill
/Civilian/Mykonos_MY/Destructible_Props ally crates, ally fences, an ally light, ally oil drums, beaches, poles, powers, tables
/Civilian/Mykonos_MY/Optimized_Props EI walls, ally containers, bushes, cliff walls, platforms, a statue, ruins, rocks
/Civilian/Mykonos_MY/Props 25 collapses only
/Civilian/Mykonos_MY/Shrubbery 5 plants (MY_Plant01.xml, ASO)
/Civilian/New_York_NY folders: Buildings, Optimized_Props, Props, Shrubbery
/Civilian/New_York_NY/Buildings a fort bradley, 4 skyscrapers, structures (NY_Structure_01.xml)
/Civilian/New_York_NY/Optimized_Props 3 boats, a kiosk, 2 statues, 4 sea wall pieces, 8 walls
/Civilian/New_York_NY/Props circle walls, piers, some collapses
/Civilian/New_York_NY/Shrubbery only one bush file: NY_Bush01.xml
/Civilian/Odessa_OD folders: Buildings, Destructible_Props, Optimized_Props, Props, Structures
/Civilian/Odessa_OD/Buildings apartments, a castle, a church, a courthouse, opera elements, port elements, etc.
/Civilian/Odessa_OD/Destructible_Props a box car, a cannon, a chain barrier, a rail signal, a statue, trees, a tugboat
/Civilian/Odessa_OD/Optimized_Props a bush, an ivy, a street segment, a tower, 6 trees, 17 walls
/Civilian/Odessa_OD/Props 24 collapses
/Civilian/Odessa_OD/Structures cargo containers, sea walls, stair edges, walls
/Civilian/Osaka_OK folders: Buildings, Props, Shrubbery
/Civilian/Osaka_OK/Buildings an arch, a pagoda, a red bridge
/Civilian/Osaka_OK/Props 5 garden rocks, 5 lanterns, retain walls
/Civilian/Osaka_OK/Shrubbery 4 shrubs, 2 trees
/Civilian/Props CampaignSequencer.xml, CPDummyTarget.xml, the rest are 'dying' props, such as GC_Bridge_01_Dying.xml
/Civilian/Props/Allied_Props e.g. Mirage rock, Mirage trees, Mirage truck <- they all are used by Mirage stealthing itself, others, e.g. sandbags
/Civilian/Props/Soviet_Props e.g. Soviet sandbags, snowy cargo containers, supplies, etc.
/Civilian/Santa_Monica_SA folders: Buildings, Props, Shrubbery
/Civilian/Santa_Monica_SA/Buildings café's, houses, stores, defensive towers, etc.
/Civilian/Santa_Monica_SA/Props trucks, umbrellas, fences, collapses, ASO (more props than in other sceneries)
/Civilian/Santa_Monica_SA/Shrubbery a fern, 2 palms, 3 plants
/Civilian/Solvang_SV folders: Buildings, Props, Shrubbery
/Civilian/Solvang_SV/Buildings a bridge, buildings, a clocktower, a windmill
/Civilian/Solvang_SV/Props autos, a bench, rocks, fences, collapses
/Civilian/Solvang_SV/Shrubbery a bush, 2 planters, 18 trees
/Civilian/StPetersburg_ST folders: Buildings, Optimized_Props, Props, Shrubbery
/Civilian/StPetersburg_ST/Buildings artilleries, an apartment, a cavalry statue, fort elements, ASO
/Civilian/StPetersburg_ST/Optimized_Props cargo containers, a dock, sea walls, sidewalk segments, street segments, walls
/Civilian/StPetersburg_ST/Props statues, signs, Soviet crates, collapses
/Civilian/StPetersburg_ST/Shrubbery 1 bush, 11 plants, 2 planters
/Civilian/Tokyo_Harbor_TH folders: Buildings, Destructible_Props, Optimized_Props, Props
/Civilian/Tokyo_Harbor_TH/Buildings Ferris wheels, rainbow bridges, fish markets, etc.
/Civilian/Tokyo_Harbor_TH/Destructible_Props Tokyo banners, planters, crates, traffic signs, 2 trees, ASO
/Civilian/Tokyo_Harbor_TH/Optimized_Props e.g. cargo containers, autos, sea walls, lamp deco's
/Civilian/Tokyo_Harbor_TH/Props only collapses here, 43 ones to be exact
/Civilian/Units only 4 .xml files: CivilianAuto01.xml, CivilianFemale01.xml, CivilianMale01.xml, GUKoi01.xml <- as you can see, there are Civilian units, and as you could notice in-game, there aren't civilians - cities look and are unpopulated
/Civilian/Vladivostok_VL folders: Buildings, Optimized_Props, Props
/Civilian/Vladivostok_VL/Buildings 5 Vladivostok buildings (VL_Building01.xml, ASO), a busted train station, imperial administration buildings, etc
/Civilian/Vladivostok_VL/Optimized_Props cargo containers, docks, cliff walls, a flat car, rails, street segments, a shipping boat, a shipping boat collapse
/Civilian/Vladivostok_VL/Props 12 collapses of above buildings
/Civilian/Yosemite_Park_YP folders: Buildings, Props, Shrubbery
/Civilian/Yosemite_Park_YP/Buildings 4 files: YP_Cabin.xml, YP_Gate_Check.xml, YP_RStation.xml, YP_WatchTower.xml
/Civilian/Yosemite_Park_YP/Props 4 collapses of above buildings, plus a camper, a cross, fires, a flag, logs, tents
/Civilian/Yosemite_Park_YP/Shrubbery a fern, 3 trees
/Civilian/Yucatan_YU folders: Buildings, Props, Shrubbery
/Civilian/Yucatan_YU/Buildings 2 bungalows, 5 hotels, ruins, 1 Tiki hut
/Civilian/Yucatan_YU/Props 2 bamboo fences, beach umbrellas, cliff walls, sea cliff walls, hotel collapses, etc.
/Civilian/Yucatan_YU/Shrubbery 5 bushes, 4 corals
/dlcontent folder for DLC, downloadable content
/dlcontent/packages particular DLC packages
/dlcontent/packages/package1 a test package
/dlcontent/packages/package1/data/maps/official/360_DLC_TestMap a test package map
/dlcontent/packages/package2 a test package, contains C&C3 pics
/dlcontent/structures addtional structures, contains only a temp.txt file
/dlcontent/units addtional units, contains only a temp.txt file
/FXParticleSystems various in-game effects, e.g. an Allied dog stun effect (i.e. his secondary ability effect)
/GlobalData global data, such as upgrades, productions commands (LogicCommand.xml, LogicCommandSet.xml)
/Includes various files included in standard unit files, e.g. garrisoning, and drawing of various elements (such as parachutes)
/Includes/CampaignOverrides campaign rules' files overriding regular (skirmish) rules
/Includes/InfantryFighting additional rules and 'subupgrades' for infantry units
/Includes/VehicleCollapseParticles debris rules of vehicular units, Allied, Soviet and Imperial ones (3 .xml files)
/Japan Japan specific data, the main folder contains Japan.xml and JapanMapSpecific.xml
/Japan/Eggs Imperial 'eggs', i.e. cores (Nanocores)
/Japan/Props projectiles, collapses, some effects
/Japan/Structures Japanese structures
/Japan/Units Imperial infantry and vehicular units
/Japan/Units_SinglePlayerCampaign units featured only in the campaign
/MapSpecific 3 .xml files: CloudTextures.xml, MacroTextures.xml, WaterTextureLists.xml
/Misc miscellaneous files, only two here: RallyFlag.xml and SuperweaponDestroyCiviliansHumanelyObject.xml
/Multiplayer 3 multiplayer mode files, probably remnants of BFMEII or C&C3 files: ConquerMode.xml, NetworkSettings.xml, SiegeEvaEvents.xml
/Neutral neutral capturable combatant/combat-helpful elements (not CIVILIAN ones, i.e. non-combatant), 4 files in the main folder: InfiltratorContainFilters.xml, NeutralMapSpecific.xml, NeutralStatic.xml, Tutorial_stations.xml
/Neutral/Crates all crates data, i.e. attribute and bomb crates, crate debris, heal, money, random, shroud, unit and veterancy crates
/Neutral/Destructables here's only file DestLight_01.xml
/Neutral/Props an AI becaon, disguise props, an energy disabler, various other effects (FX's: smokes, flares, etc.) some collapses of structures (below)
/Neutral/Structures tech structures, i.e. capturable combatant or helpful buildings, e.g. an oil derrick, a hospital, a tech garage, a tech airport, and also uncapturable ore nodes
/Neutral/Units two .xml files here: GenericCrateSpawner.xml and NeutralBombBoat.xml
/PathMusic game music events, mainly triggers when specified music must be played (e.g. when an encouter begins)
/Shell a "shell" for the inner game mechanics, i.e. UI & interface components, controls and declarations
/SkirmishAI general AI data, e.g. AIData.xml, AIMicroManagerLibrary.xml, ASO
/SkirmishAI/OpeningMoves how much time takes AI to make first moves
/SkirmishAI/Personalities AI personalities, yes, yes, these 3 commanders per faction used in skirmishes
/SkirmishAI/States states of AI, i.e. assaulting state
/Sounds speeches, voices, EVA sounds
/Soviet Soviet units and structures, the main folder contains: Soviet.xml and SovietMapSpecific.xml
/Soviet/Props e.g. desolator field bomb / irradiated target death, Soviet tank shells, structure collapses, etc.
/Soviet/Structures Soviet structures and base defencse, including the bunker erected by Soviet Combat Engineers
/Soviet/Units Soviet infantry & vehicular units, plus aircraft
/Soviet/Units_Campaign units and structures featured only in the campaign mode, including e.g. Soviet War Factory producing Tesla Tanks (you can compare EditorSorting property of this war factory with the one in Soviet/Structures)
/System player techs (protocols), player templates, a rally point marker, hardware info, particle & damage FX settings, also other visual and really various settings (SkirmishSettings.xml, ScorchMarkSettings.xml, ASO)
/Templates unit blank patterns, e.g. for infantry squads (Squad.xml), units, vehicles, etc.
/Terrain only a huge Terrain.xml file, declaring various terrain textures
/UI various UI components, such as health bar, radius cursors (for targetting)
/UI/Components campaign, credits, load screen, message, movie archive, sound, tutorial components
/UI/Joypad joypad .xml files (only a Settings.xml file)
/UI/Joypad/CommandBar only 3 .xml files here: ButtonTemplates.xml, CommandBarTemplates.xml, JoypadButtonStateData.xml
/UI/Joypad/Components only 5 .xml files here: UIComponentCommandList.xml, UIComponentCoopCommander.xml, UIComponentPlayerPowers.xml, UIComponentPlayerTechStore.xml, UIComponentRadar.xml
/UI/Mouse mouse controls
/UI/Mouse/Components various components for mouse controls
/UIInGame various UI components, e.g. formation, cursor, victory/defeat
/Video declarations (triggers) of videos and video sequences


Very Useful for new modders.

Thank you

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I don't understand this. D:

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It's what's in the Files

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so wha tdoes it do?

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Is there a special program I need to save XML files? I cant seem to change them without Notepad freaking out on me.

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google "notepad ++"

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