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Using the logic traps and event triggers available we can move the spawn points around the map to add a twist to gameplay.

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The built-in level editor in Clones allows you to move any of the interactive contraptions to produce dynamic gameplay which can respond to player interaction. One of the new maps being released in an upcoming Multiplayer Jam Pack incorporates moving spawn points with a user-selected spawn rate of 1 or 3 clones per movement.

Clones Level Editor

By selecting object in the editor you will see their event actions represented as arrows pointing to the object they will trigger. In the screenshot above you can see the event path when a clone is spawned. The blue cloning chamber has a red event line pointing to a Proximity Trap which then triggers several Updater Traps.

Clones Level Editor

The Updater Traps are set to "Counter Mode" meaning that each time they are triggered they will increase their internal count by 1. The "Trigger Mod" properties define when the Updater Trap will fire it's event which is represented as the green arrow in the screenshot. In code the trap is doing this:

cpp code:
if (currCount % trigger_mod == trigger_val) Trigger();

In this case trigger_mod is 4 and trigger_val is 1 so every 4th clone spawned will move the start point from the leftmost pillar to the middle pillar. This is accomplished by triggering the ModifyTrap Trap just above the blue start point which is set to move the blue start point to the right 550px from it's current position. Each Updater Trap is set to trigger on a different mod allowing a cycle of movement to take place.
The red annotation bubble in the middle is clickable by the player and will disable one set of Updater Traps and enable another set. The difference is that one set triggers ever clone spawn and the other set triggers every 3 clone spawns.

Clones Level Editor Playtest video - Desura

This is just one example of how you can use the editor to create a unique twist of the normal gameplay. Another level in the next Jam Pack has moving exit points which introduces timing as a factor since if you arrive at the location of your exit too soon or too late then you will be feeding your opponents exit instead!

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