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Official Client Setup and Configuration Full FAQ Client setup configuration faq directly from excessiveplus home page.

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Official Client Setup and Configuration full long version FAQ documentation
Client setup configuration faq directly from home page :

This sticky is here to answer your most common Q3 and E+ related questions.
Please read this whole sticky before creating a new thread!
Chances are, whatever is your problem, it's been already addressed here!

For your common Quake 3: Arena and Excessive Plus setup questions.
Detailed descriptions of Q3 net settings.
3. CLIENT-SIDE PUNKBUSTER SETUP (punkbuster is anticheat system)
How to setup Punkbuster and make it tick.
Make your Quake 3: Arena client pure!
Random tips and tricks.


1a. How do i install Quake 3: Arena and Excessiveplus?
Follow these simple instructions to make your Q3 client work with the ExcessivePlus mod.

Install Quake 3: Arena.
Apply the latest patch 1.32c.
Install the latest Excessiveplus modification.

That's it! You're almost ready to kick ass

At the moment, E+ dosent have official Macintosh support, so making it run there may be a little tricky.
Please refer to this thread for further help.

For Vista users:

There have been reported severe problems with running Q3 under Windows Vista. Refer to the following thread for help regarding installation and configuration under that operating system: Link

1b. How do i configure my Quake 3: Arena and Excessiveplus client?
Basic Settings:
Basic configuration is very easy.
Run the game and enter the main menu. Click the "setup" button. From there you have:
Player Menu:
You can change your in-game name, model, railgun beam color and set up a handicap for yourself.

Controls Menu:
For your basic key bindings. All of them are pretty self-explanatory.

System Menu:
It's divided into four sub-menus.

In "Graphics", you can change the way your client draws the world. Only twink those settings if you know what you're doing!
In "Display", you can change your brightness and in-game screen size.
In "Sound", you can set the volume and quality of game sound.
In "Network", you can set up your basic net settings.

Game Settings Menu:
Various miscellaneous settings. You can set up your crosshair, sky quality, ejecting brass etc in here.

Cd-Key Menu:
You should enter a valid game cd-key here.

Defaults Button:
It will revert all the game settings to factory defaults. Only use if you changed something which messed your client and dont know how to change it back.

All these are very basic settings. For more detailed settings, and their explanations, look below.

Advanced Settings:
You can set up your Q3 client in ways not possible thru the menu, by using console commands and cvars. To access the console, press the "~" button.

Console commands and cvars cover almost every aspect of how the game works, and should be changed with caution, and full understanding about what you are doing. To enter a command, simply type it into the console with a slash ("/") before the command or a cvar, set a desired value for it if it's a cvar, and press enter.

Some cvars might require a restart of a specific game component.

Lastly, you might ask what is a difference between a command and a cvar - a command forces your client to execute an action (like moving your character forward), while a cvar stores a value for a specific world effect or setting (like toggling dynamic lights on and off).

By the way, for ExcessivePlus specific commands and cvars, you'll want to browse the official manual, found here: Link
Here are pretty descriptive lists of both commands, and variables.
Commands: Link
Variables: Link

Another thing you might want to take note of is, you dont have to enter commands and variables in-game, you can edit out your q3config.cfg files,
which are located in your "quake3/baseq3" and "quake3/excessiveplus" folders respectively for ordinary Quake 3 and E+ mod. Nothing stops you from making more than one configuration file, to use different settings at your leisure. You dont need nothing more than knowledge about how the commands and cvars work, your default windows notepad and a little imagination.

Finally, a nice post made by HQ which should get all the new and clueless starting on the few basic commands:
ghost wrote:

basic settings
create a file, name it *nick*.cfg and put into excessiveplus directory
open that file with notepad and put there :

xp_enemyModel "keel/xp" //every enemy model becomes noisy keel model
xp_enmyColors "2222" //every enemy model become green good visible target

scr_conspeed "999" // change speed of console to do not waste time
cg_centertime "0" // remove all center printed messages like 'u fragged xxx' to gain more visibility
cg_lagometer "1" // will show your connection smoothness

cg_draw3dicons "0" // change default 3d rendered icons and put instead of them 2d hud menu items, it will help u to focus on enemies and increase your fps
cg_noprojectiletrail "1" // remove smoke from rockets increases visibility
cg_shadows "0" // remove shadows
cg_drawrewards "0" // remove awards notification, increase visibility
cg_marks "0" // removes from walls effect of weapons fire, increase fps and visibility
cg_gibs "0" // enemies will not blow up and block your visibility by their body parts
cg_drawtimer "1" // most important thing if u do play osp '] u need to know the time m8
cg_drawfps "1" // will show how much fps your Q3 runs on
com_maxfps "125" // making a cap on 125 fps gives beter movement and aiming, yors fps shoul not drop under that value
com_hunkmegs "128" // some maps needs more memory to load, so set it bit higer than 56MB

r_finish "0" // disable v-sync couse u cant have good results with com_maxfps 125 vs 120Hz or 160Hz, wierd thing is i never tried to set is manual to 125Hz '] hah i will do that today ']
r_mode "4" // its 800x600 and im sugest u should use max 800x600
// couse u need to use max refresh rate yors monitor can get

r_displayrefresh "???" // use max yors monitor can handle

//---------[INTERNET SETTINGS]-------------
snaps "40" // max amount of information resivied form server, it can be tracted same as 1snaps = 1fps, more u set more smothy game will be, but in overal it depends more from the server settings "sv_fps" couse u cant resive more data than sever is sending, max u can do use is 125(same as yors fps cap)
rate "25000" // describe badwitch of connection and 25000 is default and hell inaf for all
cl_maxpackets "60" // describe how much data u send, setting it higer will make game more smothy, but its pointles to set it under 125(same as yors fps cap)
cl_packetdup "1" // resend data one time (it will use more badwith than "0" if u do lag alot use or higer if yors connection is smothy use 0

// internet settings depends form yors connection, if yors connection cant handle to high values u become laggy

vid_restart // restart video to make sucessfull changes in settings

if u will have the file u are able now to enable it in q3 console by writing
"/exec *nick*.cfg"

1c. What about those cool names i see everywhere? How do i make and use one myself?

ExcessivePlus comes with a small tool that allows easy creation of flashy and colourful nicknames, for use both on the forums and in game.
Qname, which is the tool's name, is located in your "quake3/excessiveplus/tools" folder. The interface is pretty intuitive, so i dont think a detailed explanation is necessary. When you finish creating your cool nick, there are a few different ways of how to apply it in-game.

If you dont know that already - to copy the code from Qname, highlight it using your cursor, and hit ctrl+c.

1. Create a text file in your "quake3/excessiveplus" folder, name it, for example, newnick, and open it up.
Put this line in the file: seta name "yournick", where "yournick" is the code of your name you must copy from Qname to this file. Remember to put the code between quote marks, especially if it contains spaces. Save the file, enter the game, drop down the console and type /exec newnick.

2. Open up the q3config.cfg file in your "quake3/excessiveplus" folder, and find a variable that looks like seta name "somenickhere". Easiest way would be pressing ctrl+f, typing in the search box seta name and pressing "search". Once you find it, simply replace the text that is between the quotation marks with the code you got from Qname and save the file.

3. Copy the text from Qname, enter the game, drop down the console, type name, hit space, insert a quotation mark, hit ctrl+v, insert a quotation mark and press enter.

This ought to get you rolling with your pimpin' new nick.


This section is a collection of info from various threads. Read up for explanations on "how it all works".

Because i became annoyed by some peoples wrong help to new players on servers i feel kinda forced to post this:

Original written by Rex*Cramer
Time to get rid of needless handicaps. To sum it up: With high speed connections like DSL or Cable there is no reason to limit anything. I just could stop here, if there wouldn’t be all the rumours like “I can’t play with mp 60, I’m used to 100” or “enemy is using timenudge, can’t hit them”.

Let’s have a closer look at the different settings and keep in mind that it's all about frames.

This variable is directly connected with com_maxfps which affects jumping. In OSP com_maxfps must be no greater than 125. Luckily, this is ideal for the movement. It's also the maximum for cl_maxpackets. In general, the client can't send more packets than it has fps.

You should adjust cl_maxpackets to your frame rate. 125 fps and cl_maxpackets 125 is the ideal situation (you need an upstream bigger than 128 kbit for that; with any voice communication program I suggest at least 256 kbit). Always set cl_maxpackets equal to com_maxfps if your connection is fast enough, or a divisor of it if not! Quake sends a packet for each, every second, third, etc. frame. You can find a test here: (the text isn't important, check the relation between maxpackets, UDP send/sec, kb send/sec and when it changes).

Looking at that table you will find out this, for example: Playing with 125 fps and cl_maxpackets 100 is the same as 60. It's a similar situation: Lower than your fps means only every second frame a packet is being sent (60 is lower than 125/2, but Quake rounds up as you can see). If you don't have 125 fps set com_maxfps to your highest stable frame rate (details at the bottom). The principle is the same for all frame rates: Set mp equal to com_maxfps or a divisor of it!

Why is this important? Your frame rate could fall below 125 due to heavy action in the game, frame drops are also possible, or other programs are working in the background. There are many reasons why this could happen. If your maxpackets value is lower than your fps and your fps fall below, it does influence your connection by changing the relation from 1/2 to 1/1 back and forth. An unstable connection would be the result. The best setting to avoid this problem is now to use a divisor of com_maxfps. This gives you the least risk for such a behaviour.

What is the reason for so many packets when the servers are running usually with low fps compared to the clients, anyway? Let's assume the server runs with 30 fps (like most do) and the client with 125. That would mean with mp 125 the client sends approximately 4 packets for each world update. It's about how old the data is the server is dealing with: 125 packets per second means a new one every 8 ms, 60 every 16 ms, and 30 every 32 ms. The average information in each packet with 125 fps is 4 ms old, 8 ms with 60 fps, and 16 ms with 30 fps. This built-in lag added to the time each packet needs to get through the network (internet or lan) is your real ping. Your advantage with mp 125 over mp 30 is 12 ms and still 4 ms over mp 60.

There is another thing to think about : Packet loss. Let's say 1 packet gets lost with mp 30, then the server has no new information for about 64 ms. This is a long time. When receiving the new position and if the player is moving fast he starts warping. Needless to say that you wouldn't hit much in this scenario. This is a problem when mp is set too low, while you could lose 1 packet with mp 60 or 3 in a row with mp 125, before a visible effect occurs.

You give a plain advantage away for absolutely no reason, if you set cl_maxpackets too low or too close to com_maxfps, if equal is not possible.

One thing is left to do: The table mentioned above is lacking of the 125/125 scenario. After checking some websites about the functions of all the variables, I did some research myself to verify what I found:

125 fps / maxpackets 125
125 fps / maxpackets 100
125 fps / maxpackets 60

(If you want to test that yourself with Windows (I used XP Prof., not sure about other versions though) run perfmon.exe, delete all variables at the bottom, add a variable by rightclicking and add, select object UDP and data sent and hit add. Right click again, hit properties, go to graphic sheet, set the maximum to 150 and on data sheet the factor to 1.0. Run Quake, go to any server, and alt-enter out. Now look at your performance monitor. You can vary com_maxfps and cl_maxpackets to see what it's all about, how Quake rounds up and down and when it changes. (This could be a bit different since I’m on another language version, but I’m sure you will sort it out.))

Client setting of sv_fps. Determines how many world updates the client receives. Because most servers are running with 20, 25 or 30 fps, a setting of 30 or higher is ideal; anything above sv_fps makes no difference anymore. For some reason the standard setting is 40 - on a few servers you're even getting kicked by punkbuster, if snaps is set to anything else, so just leave it to 40.

The only reason to lower snaps would be, if you have a very poor connection (slower than single ISDN) and/or very few fps (clear below sv_fps), but then better don't play at all. :ugly:

This controls the downstream from the server to your computer in bytes per second. 25,000 is the maximum (unless the rules for league games saying anything else). If your connection is fast enough, go for it (make sure you leave some room for teamspeak if needed).

Many players think otherwise, but this setting does not affect the connection in any way nor how other players see you or you them. It's client sided only. All what it does is to inter- or extrapolate the movement of all other players. With negative values you adjust client side prediction.
The information you have to deal with is not up to date, nothing can change this. As long as a player is moving straight in one direction, the prediction of his position is no problem. What if he changes? Try to imagine: The model on the screen is already pushed too far in the calculated direction, when the information arrives, that he did something completely different. The prediction was wrong, the position you see and the real one is more off than without a negative timenudge. These errors need to be corrected and that makes the models unsmooth - or the whole screen, when spectating someone from his point of view.

cg_smoothClients does not help here, because it just makes no sense to extrapolate and then do the contrary by adding 4 ms local lag (for 125 fps: 8 ms (frame) / 2 = 4 ms). Set this always to 0, if you're playing with a negative cl_timenudge.
It's up to you, if you find shaking models worth the little difference.

Packet duplication determines how often each packet is being sent. Unless you have an unstable connection and problems with packet loss, keep this to 0. 0 means each packet is being sent 1 time, 1 for 1 backup packet up to 5/5.

If your connection can afford mp 125, you shouldn’t have problems with packet loss. If so, there is most likely another problem around. If you have to play with mp 60 or lower due to your limited bandwidth, it’s still better to play with the highest possible maxpackets setting than with a lower one and packetdub 1. Now you know why, because the result of mp 30 / pd 1 and mp 60 / pd 0 is the same upstream, but in the last case the information is newer as we saw above and the way to go. Keep cl_packetdub to 0.

These settings are meant to be the maximum. You set what is the best for you, so does the server administrator. This way it is guaranteed that your connection doesn't get flooded by the server and vice versa.

Additional Information:
Why your framerate affects jumping (try the values at the very bottom for com_maxfps, if you don't have 125):

P.S.: Quake 3 Arena is still closed source. Nobody knows exactly how all these things work. Everything depends on what we’re told and assumptions on what we see. This might also be the reason for all the rumours about the different settings, because there is so much room for speculation. Things maybe slightly different, but I think it’s save to say that all these explanations are very likely correct.

... and people still complaining about "packetslost" on servers with "sv_fps 30" i make
here this quickguide.

Info about sv_fps 30:
sv_fps ist the server-snaps. Default snaps are 20. So, snaps and sv_fps are synchron on default settings. If sv_fps is 30, it leads to a better serverperfomance but is not really compatibel with clientside default setting snaps 20. So u need to do also /snaps 30 (more doesnt have effect and server takes automaticly snaps 30 from u, even if u have 40 or higher). And if u play on a server with /sv_fps 20 and u have snaps 30, it doesnt have negative effect, but if play on a server with sv_fps 30 and u have snaps 20, it will have a negative effect.

Fact is, that sv_fps 30 reacts on other clientside settings more sensitive as default 20. Client must adjust his cl_maxpackets in a sensefull way (if he have packetlost with current setting)

/cl_maxpackets is connected with /com_maxfps, i cant explain exaclty why, but it is fact! If u have packetlosts u should synchronize this settings, this is not just theory, like Flex told it to me, this is fact, i helped more than 20 persons with packetlosts on 2!Sfreeze more than 20 % to get a packetlost of 0%.

So, the quickguide:

- /cg_drawfps 1 (shows u ur fps), ur fps should be stable to have a linear effect, if not stable, tweak ur q3config.cfg or set lower /com_maxfps.

Following u should set:

/snaps 30

/com_maxfps --> /cl_maxpackets
125 --> 125, 63, 42 or 32
100 --> 100, 75 or 50
90 --> 90, 60 or 30
60 --> 60 or 30

If this does't help against packetlost, it is not a setting problem, than it is a problem of your connection or of the connection-routing to the server.

Maybe this can help too :

cl_timenudge This is similar to pushlatency in HalfLife, defaults to 0 which is our suggested setting for online play. In Quake3 it is normally used for offline bot practice by using a positive value that is the same as average ping. However, a positive value can also be used to stabilize displayed frames with gameworld updates(snaps) and negative values are reported to adjust client side prediction.

We strongly suggest you leave cl_timenudge at 0 for online play. However If you do wish to alter cl_timenudge to adjust client side prediction then try a negative value that is 25% to 50% of your average ping. Example if you are currently pinging 100 to the server then experiment with a setting between -25 to -50 as your cl_timenudge value. Note that if you are using a negative value for cl_timenudge the top graph in cg_lagometer may be mostly yellow.

A positive value may help if you have problems with gameworld updates (snaps) not being rendered in time. Try a small positive cl_timenudge value of 5,10,15 or 20 never higher. See cg_lagometer for an explanation of how to determine if gameworld updates are not being rendered in time.

Do not use a negative cl_timenudge if you are enabling cg_smoothclients.
(i just read in another site that this last note doesnt count on unlagged server )

just tested -20 with 100 ping (wich is usely what i get on euro servers).
yes i can hit better.
source :

Last, but not least, HQ's explanation on cl_maxpackets "true" net traffic:
ghost wrote:

30(1.9kb/s), 40(2.3kb/s), 58(3.2kb/s), 111(4.5kb/s), 125(9kb/s)

how it works? 58 cause max 3.2kb/s trafic and if u set it to 59 it will take 4.5kb/s of badwitch
its measured on keiro personal firewall


Punkbuster is a tool that is used to filter out cheaters from the game.
To gain access to servers running the Punkbuster utility,
you need to make sure your client has Punkbuster activated and up-to-date.
More information about Punkbuster: Link

3a. How do i activate Punkbuster in my client?

It's very easy. Either drop down the console, type pb_cl_enable and hit enter, or go to the "Multiplayer" menu and click on the "Punkbuster" button, making sure it says "Punkbuster: Enabled".
3b. How do i update my client's Punkbuster?
Go to the Punkbuster Update site and follow instructions on the page: Link
From there, you can either download and use the PBSetup utility to update your Punkbuster, or manually download the updated files yourself.

3c. My Punkbuster induces annoying lags in-game. Is there anything i can do about it?

Yes. Read what Mow wrote below:
Put this 2 files in ur pb directory, and ur PB lag will be reduced a lot.
Don't put it somewhere else, unpack in ur pb directory.
Lag-Free PB: Download

This should help reduce the lag at least a little.

3d. Help! I'm being kicked from the servers, even though my Punkbuster is enabled and it's up-to-date!

There are various reasons why Punkbuster might kick you from the servers. Here are the few more common ones.

First of all, Punkbuster dosent like external programs running in conjuction with Quake 3. This includes various minimizers, recamming programs and the like. Make sure that stuff is not executed before you try to enter a Punkbuster server.

Second, Punkbuster needs Quake 3 to be run in an Administrator environment of your O/S. If you're running Quake 3 from a non-Administrator access account, you will be kicked for having "Insufficient O/S Privileges".

Third, your Cd-Key might be blacklisted. Usually, that occurs when a cheater has been caught, and he happened to use the same Cd-Key as you. Simply change your Cd-Key to fix this.

Last, but not least, Punkbuster might kick you for having incorrect settings in your q3config.cfg files. This includes ALL cvars present in cheat programs, as well as few default Quake 3 settings, such like cg_shadows set to more than "1". These are usually highly individual and dependant on the server you play. If you get a kick for a cvar, you should delete it from your config or change it to a value accepted by the server asap.

As a final note on the matter, two warnings:

You never know what they contain, sometimes, they could have some VERY nasty stuff inside which could mean alot of trouble for you. Better be safe than sorry.

Cheating sucks. Cheating will not be tolerated. If you're caught with an active cheat, you WILL be banned for life. Dont even think about downloading a cheat, even for offline play or testing. Just dont. You have no idea how that program will work, what it will modify in your Quake 3 client, and in how many ways you're gonna get fucked by it. And trust me, sooner or later, you WILL get caught and banned, and that will be the end of your ExcessivePlus career. Stay clean, stay out of trouble.


4a. What is pure? How does it work?

I think HQ's explanation is the simplest and most accurate one:
ghost wrote:

1. pure is all about modified or aditional pk3 files, if u use some of these pk3 files u will be kicked cause of pure server that dosent allow any modifications in textures or scripts.

2. pure server mostly allows pk3 files that contain only maps but if that file contains also scripts u will probably be kicked couse of that by pure server.

So, anything modifying game scripts or textures will get you kicked from a pure server.
Also, take note that modifying the original pakx.pk3 files will also make your client unpure! Dont modify those files!

4b. How can i make and keep my client pure?

Things that can stay are:
1. Majority of custom maps. Most of them dont interfere with pure.
2. Config files. These will never interfere with pure.
3. Images and text files.
Custom skins and models are risky, as most of them have scripts attached. Keep in mind, that even if you wont get kicked, they will not work on pure servers anyway.

To keep your client from getting unpure, first of all, disable autodownload. It's the main reason people's clients become unpure. You never know what exactly you'll download from the server you connect to.
To disable autodownload, drop down the console, type cl_allowdownload "0" and hit enter.

Never add more than one custom .pk3 file at once. If you have loads of cool custom maps to check out, just go buy yourself some patience, it can save you alot of grief later on. Test each and every custom .pk3 file individually, and you should avoid problems. It's boring, but it's safe.


5a. How do i capture screenshots?

Either press F11, or drop down the console and type screenshotjpeg and hit enter. It will save a screenshot in your "quake3/excessiveplus/screenshots" folder.

5b. How do i record demos?

Drop down the console, type record and hit enter. To stop recording, go to the console again, type stoprecord and press enter.

A couple of hints when recording -
If you record offline, make sure your sv_fps setting is set to a value higher then the default 20, preferably, 40 or more, otherwise, your demos may come out very choppy.

You will also need to set g_synchronousclients to "1" prior to starting recording a demo. However, this might make your game terribly twitchy. You can safely turn g_synchronousclients back to "0" after you start recording.

Here are a few demoscripts you can put in your q3config file and use at your own discretion, they are working fine and good to go.

[~INNERCODE~:1]set rec-demo vstr record
set record "g_synchronousclients 1;record;g_synchronousclients 0 ;set rec-demo vstr stop; echo ^1[^7Started Recording Demo^1];"
set stop ";stoprecord ;set rec-demo vstr record; echo ^1[^7Stoped Recording Demo^1];"

bind F4 "vstr rec-demo"

start/stop demo recording on one button usefull when you got whole keyb filled with binds
^ChRoNo^ wrote:

Use following script, and remember to change the binds to your favors!
Default binds are F9 and F10

bind F9 "g_synchronousClients 1;record;echo ^5------------^1STARTed^5-RECORDING!!!"
bind F10 "stoprecord;g_synchronousClients 0;echo ^5------------^2STOPed^5-RECORDING!!!"

Thx to Dakarin at this place
Record a demo:

Simply press F9, a message will appear like this
to stop the demo, press F10, a message will appear like this

Demos will be saved in:
You can record as many demos as your space allows, everydemo will be named like this:


5c. Where do i put my custom maps ?
Put them in your "quake3/baseq3" folder.

5d. What about radio chat? How can i make those uber cool binds with sounds?
Put that line in your q3config file:

bind x "say &sound_file message_text" for a message visible to all.
bind x "say &sound_file message_text" for a message visible only to your team-mates.
For example: bind x "say &tap_nicemove1.wav Nice Move!"
Here is a list of all sound files usable with this function:
dXg wrote:


And a list with ready to use binds:
dXg wrote:

Also from Vamp as he stated for the lazy =)
bind X "say &def_depdisp.wav Dispenser Deployed"
bind X "say &def_deppipe.wav Pipe Trap Deployed"
bind X "say &def_depsen.wav Sentry Deployed"
bind X "say &def_dropflag.wav Defend the dropped flag"
bind X "say &def_fixsenty.wav Repair our sentries"
bind X "say &def_flag.wav Defend our flag"
bind X "say &def_flagdanger.wav The flag is in danger"
bind X "say &def_flagprimexit.wav Flag outgoing primary exit"
bind X "say &def_flagsafe.wav Base Secure"
bind X "say &def_flagsecexit.wav Flag outgoing secondary exit"
bind X "say &def_iam.wav I'm defending"
bind X "say &def_incflag1.wav Incomeing flag"
bind X "say &def_incflag2.wav They're comeing for the flag"
bind X "say &def_incprimrte.wav Incomeing primary route"
bind X "say &def_incsecrte.wav Incomeing secondary route"
bind X "say &def_needsupp.wav Requesting support"
bind X "say &def_obj.wav Defend the objective"
bind X "say &def_wpt.wav Defend the WayPoint"
bind X "say &gen_anytime.wav Any Time"
bind X "say &gen_ceasefire.wav Cease Fire"
bind X "say &gen_firehole.wav Fire in The Hole"
bind X "say &gen_giveammo.wav Give me some ammo"
bind X "say &gen_gogogo.wav GO GO GO!!"
bind X "say &gen_goodbye1.wav Good Bye"
bind X "say &gen_goodbye2.wav G'Bye"
bind X "say &gen_halt.wav Halt"
bind X "say &gen_hello1.wav Hello"
bind X "say &gen_hello2.wav Hullo"
bind X "say &gen_inpos.wav In Position"
bind X "say &gen_isbasesec.wav Is our base secure?"
bind X "say &gen_moveout.wav Moooove out"
bind X "say &gen_movepls.wav Move please"
bind X "say &gen_no1.wav NO"
bind X "say &gen_no2.wav NO"
bind X "say &gen_noprob.wav No Problem"
bind X "say &gen_objcplt.wav Objective Complete"
bind X "say &gen_objfld.wav Objective Failed"
bind X "say &gen_oops.wav Oops"
bind X "say &gen_pass.wav ASS"
bind X "say &gen_reportin.wav Report IN"
bind X "say &gen_sorry.wav Sorry"
bind X "say &gen_stop.wav STOP"
bind X "say &gen_unlucky.wav Unlucky"
bind X "say &gen_wait.wav Wait"
bind X "say &gen_waitord.wav Awaiting Orders"
bind X "say &gen_watchfire.wav Watch Your Fire"
bind X "say &gen_yes1.wav YES"
bind X "say &gen_yes2.wav Yes"
bind X "say &off_attobj.wav Attack the Objective"
bind X "say &off_attsentry.wav Attack the enemy Sentry"
bind X "say &off_attwpt.wav Attack the Way Point"
bind X "say &off_carrsupp.wav Our Flag Carrier needs support"
bind X "say &off_coverme.wav Cover Me"
bind X "say &off_defhvy.wav Enemy Defence Heavy"
bind X "say &off_deflight.wav The Enemy defence is light"
bind X "say &off_dephe.wav Heavy Explosive Deployed"
bind X "say &off_flagget.wav Get the Enemy flag"
bind X "say &off_flaggive.wav Give Me the flag"
bind X "say &off_flaghave.wav I have the enemy flag"
bind X "say &off_flagtake.wav Take the flag from me"
bind X "say &off_imatt.wav I'm attacking"
bind X "say &off_needsupp.wav I need reenforcements"
bind X "say &off_spotpipe.wav Pipes spotted"
bind X "say &off_spotsen.wav Sentry spotted"
bind X "say &tap_alright.wav Alright!"
bind X "say &tap_aw.wav Awwww..."
bind X "say &tap_goaway.wav Go Away"
bind X "say &tap_goodgame1.wav Good Game"
bind X "say &tap_goodgame2.wav Great Game"
bind X "say &tap_myflag1.wav My Flag"
bind X "say &tap_myflag2.wav My flag, and you can't have it"
bind X "say &tap_nicecapture1.wav Nice Capture"
bind X "say &tap_nicecapture2.wav Niice Capture"
bind X "say &tap_nicemove1.wav NICE Move"
bind X "say &tap_nicemove2.wav NICE MOVE!"
bind X "say &tap_niceshot.wav Nice Shot"
bind X "say &tap_sneakybastard.wav You sneaky bastard"
bind X "say &tap_thatsucks1.wav That Sucks"
bind X "say &tap_thatsucks2.wav That Suuucks"
bind X "say &tap_thegreatest.wav We're the greatest"
bind X "say &tap_wellplayed1.wav Well Played"
bind X "say &tap_wellplayed2.wav Well Played" //english accent
bind X "say &tap_werock1.wav We Rock"
bind X "say &tap_werock2.wav We ROCK"
bind X "say &tap_yourmine.wav Your Mine"
bind X "say &tap_yourock.wav YOU Rock"

5e. My client hangs up or lags terribly after a map finishes. What's happening?

More often than not, it's caused by a gigantic amount of screenshots collected in your "quake3/excessiveplus" folder. ExcessivePlus has end-game screen saving on by default, hence, after a while, a lot of them can amass there. To fix this, simply delete them or move them somewhere else.

Small note: if you feel that something is missing, explained wrong, or simply not right in this FAQ, feel free to pm me, or any other moderator, about it. Our aim is to make this FAQ as simple, complete and correct as possible.

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