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Hi! If you're like me and you don't code at all, when you get instructions like "1) install, 2) play" and it doesn't work, it's very frustrating. So I made a very clear and visual installation process with trials and errors so you can perhaps see what is not working for you. I hope this helps!

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BloodGDX installer: the clear and easy tutorial

PART ONE: My first adventure into failure.

This is to show the makers of cool things how novices think, when they don't know how your thing works. The point is to educate on how NOT to make installation instructions like "Step 1: install. Step 2: play. It's that easy." No it's not.)

So I downloaded BloodGDX into my games folder on my desktop (the ones I didn't link to Steam, for reasons unimportant). I have the original game and despite that still bought the DosBox version, a long time ago. I hae tried many times to get Blood working on my computers over the years and often failed. But thanks to BloodGDX, I can finally play Blood again! So here we go.

  1. BloodGDX install fail 001
    Which is this:BloodGDX install fail 002ThenBloodGDX install fail 003ThenBloodGDX install fail 004ThenBloodGDX install fail 005ThenBloodGDX install fail 006ThenBloodGDX install fail 007ThenBloodGDX install fail 008ThenBloodGDX install fail 009ThenBloodGDX install fail 010ThenBloodGDX install fail 011ThenBloodGDX install fail 012ThenBloodGDX install fail 013ThenBloodGDX install fail 014ThenBloodGDX install fail 015Then
    BloodGDX install fail 016
    BloodGDX install fail 017
    Ok, so I got it working, somehow! Let's do this again, but easier.

PART TWO: Clear instructions for success!

  1. Have the original Blood game files (from GOG or Steam or the CD, etc.).BloodGDX install fail 020

  2. If from GOG, for example, your original Blood game files will be saved in the GOG folder, on the C:/ drive.
    [BTW: A FILE is basically 1 document, like a sheet of paper, for example. A FOLDER is a sort of sleeve which contains files, like to carry around a bunch of separate pieces of paper ("files"). So a folder is a container of files. Ok? Ok.]BloodGDX install fail 021

    The files should look like this (see picture below):BloodGDX install fail 022

    Copy the One Unit Whole Blood game-files FOLDER (ctrl+C) from the GOG folder.BloodGDX install fail 023

    Then navigate back to the C:/ drive, and then navigate until you find the new "M210" folder created by the BloodGDX installer (see address below or in image).

    On my PC the address looks like this => C:\Users\PC\M210Projects
    BloodGDX install fail 024

    Open that to find the "BloodGDX" folder (pic below).
    BloodGDX install fail 025

  3. Inside the BloodGDX folder, PASTE the One Unit Whole Blood folder.
    BloodGDX install fail 026

  4. Good! Now go back to your desktop (or to where you saved your BloodGDX installer for easy access [the executable file]). Mine are on my desktop, as shown below.BloodGDX install fail 001 => BloodGDX install fail 027
    Note: I won't be using that Blood shortcut anymore (the one seen on the left in the above pic). Instead, I'll use the BloodGDX launcher to play Blood. You should probably make a shortcut to it on your desktop too, later, after everything is setup.

    Navigate to the BloodGDX folder. Here, mine is the easy version with JRE. Open that folder to find the BuildGDX.exe (executable) file, like in the picture below.BloodGDX install fail 028
    BloodGDX install fail 029

  5. Click the executable for BloodGDX (where ever you put it, it was in the unzipped folder you downloaded). It will still say that the game files are not found. That's ok for now.BloodGDX install fail 30
    You have to manually tell the installer where the One Unit Whole Blood files are.
    So click the [...] button and find this location in the picture below.BloodGDX install fail 31...The files are here. Click "OK"; we're back at the launcher which still doesn't know where the game files are.

  6. So now, click the "Options" cogwheel button at the bottom of the installer to open the next options page. This looks like this (see pic below).BloodGDX install fail 32

    Choose the One Unit Whole Blood game-files folder in this directory (which is somehow not the same one as the other one we did).BloodGDX install fail 33Note: While here, change the resolution to match your monitor and check the "Fullscreen" box (if you want the game to play full screen). No need to touch anything else here for now. Tweak it LATER, if you want.

  7. Click "Back". The files should now be recognized by the installer.BloodGDX install fail 34

  8. Launch Blood! (...on every wall and ceiling and everywhere! >:D )
  9. Configure the game before playing.
    I love how you can immediately see most of the changes in the demo of the game, in the menu’s background, so you can really see what each option does and compare what options you like and not (like Voxels Off, for example). Very well designed!
  10. Have a blast playing Blood! GG!

The end! Hope this helps!

Note: For add-ons, like the DeathWish maps (I very strongly recommend these maps after finishing the original game!), put the downloaded zipped folders in the C:\Users\PC\M210Projects\BloodGDX folder. Unzip them so the game recognizes them, and then add these new unzipped folders into the game at this location in the image below for easier access in BloodGDX.
BloodGDX install fail 35 extra

P.S.: There might be a bug that I'll have to come back to, as each level ending doesn't load the next level with all your weapons and items (I have to start a "new game" each time I finish a level and lose all weapons and items). So I'll have to come back to this.


It is complicated.

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A guide should HELP, this "GUIDE" only makes it even 100x more complicated. Is this a (bad) joke?!?!?!


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