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To clean out a fort is simple. Once you arrive you must kill all zombies and gather whatever supplies you can from inside. Note: Upon killing the last zombie the fort is captured, meaning anything you missed like weapons and food in the fort will be gone.

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-Kill all the zombies
-Gather the supplies from within

-Position survivors for defense
-Build barricades
-Fend off hordes of the undead and raiders (randomly set to allow different experiences)

They need to be built in order to be safe from the zombies. But in order to build them you must gather certain supplies and use time to make them. You must have a hammer, 3 boards, and 6 nails for each barricade. The hammer can be re-used until it's durability is worn out. Every hammer means more barricade workers. They are not strong either, but do hold off the dead for a decent time. So far it will only have one type of cade and it will not be upgradable for now.

Survivors In the Fort
You will need to position the survivors you bring back to the fort in order to defend it properly. Choose locations using strategy. One survivor to guard a door make not end so well, while a group of three may have a chance. You WILL need to help survivors defend otherwise it may end the game because you failed fending off the undead. Press B to open the options menu and select between -Position Survivor, -Build Barricade, and -Form Defensive Groups.

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