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The Assassin is the best of the best when it comes to one on one combat.

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]|[_____The Assassin_____]|[

last edit: 15-2-2010
-Assassin Class-

Weapon type: Dual-blades
The Assassin is the best of
the best when it comes to
one on one combat.
Awesome 1v1 ability
Very High Weapon skill

Low hit-points
Manapool dependant


Speed: 270
Life: 75

Strength: 5 / +1.75 per Level
Intelligence: 2 / +0.5 per Level
Agility: 10 / +3.25 per level

User Posted Image Blade Skill: 5

User Posted Image Focus: 2

User Posted Image Discipline: 1

User Posted Image Constitution: 1

User Posted Image Guile: 3

User Posted Image Willpower: 1

User Posted Image Rapidity: 4


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Killer Blow

The Assassin swiftly slashes the enemy, causing large amounts of damage to a single target.

Base: Blade Skill
Damage per Level: 65
Damage factor: 100%

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Flash Combo

The Assassin slashes in a quick succession and hits 3 different targets in melee range and deals more damage with every hit.

Base: Guile
Damage per Level: 20
Damage factor: 105%

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Dagger Throw

The Assassin throws a bouncing dagger at a group of enemys, dealing damage.
Bounces increase with level

Base: Focus
Damage per Level: 50
Damage factor: 85%

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Blink Strike

The Assassin disappears and reappears next to his target, if its an enemy it will be dealt multiplied damage.
Damage multiplier increases per level.

Base: Rapidity
Damage per Level: 45
Damage factor: 110%

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The Assassin increases his focus greatly increasing his critical damage multiplier and critical chance.
Multiplier and Critical chance increase with level.

Base: Willpower

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