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keys characters in the game will explain you about how much things and animals behaves and are in the mod, this is another confirmed feature, also i will be voice acting, read more to know the especifications...

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Ok people, this is some kind of update... or something like that... i didnt want to post this in new because it doesnt deserve it, but well, here i go; a feature in the mod:

Cientific and logic explanations from keys and important characters or anoucements in the mod

Have you wondered how much things works in the Half life universe??? i mean, how some creatures like the headcrabs can see their paths to their preys, how houndeyes reproduce, why bullsquids like water and others liquids bodyes, and ONE OF THE MOST FRECUENTLY QUESTIONS OF ALL "FROM WHERE THESE CREATURES COME???? "

By luck of all of you people, the mod will feature in-game explanations and styles of encyclopedias... this its mean to give more explanations and clear more questions and interrogants about how the wild life of xen came to earth and their origins...

NOTE: people, this page will update maybe every 3 days, in this page i will explain much things about the biologics explanations of things in the mod, including the origins of xen creatures, these are not oficial explanations of valve, but its my point of view based on a cientific logic, and maybe some of these explanations are based in valve´s oficial explanations, but i will clear most of your interrogants and maybe all of them.

I will start whit:

The heacrab: headcrabs are little creatures like-crabs that come from xen during and after the resonance cascade provocated by the black mesa incident... these are the equal of the cockroach of earth from xen, as their main tactic of surpervivence its really the smae as the cockroach´s one; numbers of individuals, resistance to biologic and radioactive hazards, way of reproduction and one of the most importants; they feed from the humans in a parasistic way...Fisiology and anatomy: headcrabs looks like litle crabs-like creatures, they dont have a Shell like the crustaceous or real crabs from eart, they have in fact 4 extremityes, 2 of them are the back ones, altoguht, they seem weak, their muscular mase and dessing supports their leaps into tehir human prey, in fact when the headcrabs walk, they only have support on their back legs and the 2 frontal extremityes that are like scythes whit a Sharp end are lift up for more speed on wlaking, the frontal weight of the heacrabd tehn its supported by 2 frontal and minor extremityes that are in fact the beaks of the headcrabs, headcrabs seems to ont have eyes or any sensorial organ to see their paths or to where are they coming, contrary to what people think, headcrabs have a big sense of what sunrounds them, because their skins are their sensorial organs of sounds, vibrations, chemical changes in the air and gives them visiblitie and a range of sight, tehir skins have much sensorial receptors that can feel the chemical changes in their ambient, these also serve and receptors of tact and by feeling this vibrations the brains of the headcrabs can construc a image from the vibrations, tact and sounds of the ambient where they are, one of teh explanations of why in the half life universo the headcrabs cannot swim in liquids its by the fact that they doesnt have the necesary anatomy to swim, no matter how much tehy try, they cannot swim and their skins can only catch oxigen from the air and not from wáter, but headcrabs have demosntrated that they have simples and not complex inner organs like intestines, thats why they can survive in radioactive and hazards enviroments, they have a big mouth full of Sharp beaks over tehy bellys, and this beaks and theets serves to attahc into humans host, in animal life its demonstrated that headcrabs not only can attach into human host to convert them into zombies, they can also do this in creatures whit humanistic formo r fisiology like chimps and vortigaunts, SO YOU CAN EXPECT SEEING ZOMBIE VORTIGAUNS AND ZOMBIE CHIMPS IN THIS MOD, when the headcrabs attach into a host whit especial traits or conditions as a good fisical strenght, much speed, good nutrition or even a superior IQ, tehy can take advantage of these traits and get more of these, amking a big variety of zombies...Well people thats all for now i will drwan more concepts and images to put in this "wikia" about how many aniamls and creatures from xen behaves in the game, more coming son...

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