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This is a small tutorial for fixing errors when game crashes. It will allow you to verify game data in order to download missing/invalid data.

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Hi, my compuer crashed (thanks Windows) while updating.

the next time I launched the game : I couldn 't update anymore my game.

Here is the guide to verify WOT files without downloading the whole game again.

Follow the guide :

1. Go to the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\World_of_tanks\"
Now single left click on the "WoTLauncher.exe" file.

2. Make a right click --> Create shortcut to WoTLauncher

3. Right click on the new shortcut --> Properties menu

4. In the "Target" line, after these words : "\World_of_tanks\WoTLauncher.exe"
add : "integrity_default_client"
so to have : "..\World_of_tanks\WoTLauncher.exe" -integrity_default_client"

5. Click Apply, then OK

6. Double click on the modified shortcut of WoTLauncher,

the repair starts now !

Hope you enjoy.


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