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A small list of the commands that can be used in the game.

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Command list:
/donate x y Donates y gold to house x.
/addfriend x Adds house x to your friendlist.
/friend x See /addfriend.
/playtime Displays how much time you have played.
/srf x Set email x as your referrer, granting the owner of the house with that login bonuses.
/1 xxx Broadcast xxx to your current instance/map.
/whisper x y Send tell to house x saying y.
/w See /whisper.
/t See /whisper.
/loc Displays your current coordinates.
/wp x y Set a waypoint at coordinates x,y.
/duel x Start a duel with house x.

The character '/' is interchangeable with the character '.' for commands so '.whisper' works just like '/whisper'

Have fun playing Realmstone!

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