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Some notes: -Since GLA base defenses are weaker than other factions they have a different attack style against air units in this mod. -As some generals have very weak late game, i have given them some extra power at early game to be able to handle themselves -Since all long range weapons are now effective, their prices have been increased. -Laser tanks require special skill to use. make sure you practice it versus easy CPU before trying it in pvp. Changelog

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-1920x1080 Camera view

-1920x1080 resolution support (should manually be added in documents files)

-Smoother FPS

-Command Centers can no longer be sold (This was added to balance the GLA early game against other armies)

-Command Centers price increased from 2000 to 10000

-Command Centers Health increased from 5000 to 15000

-Command Centers can now garrison up to 10 infantry units inside like a bunker, these troops can not exit the buidling once they are garrisoned

-All anti air units can now use "gaurd air" command

-All ballistic missiles are immune to any type of damage

-All Generals' promotions upgrades are now available to use

-5 Star general rank needed points increased from 5000 to 10000 (at this upgrade player can unlock everything)

USA (General) Changes:

-Clonel Burton weapon range increased

-Clonel Burton health increased

-Ambulance costs less now

-Ranger Flashbangs can no longer clear buildings

-Ranger Flashbangs can now damage vehicles and structures

-Paladin damage increased

-Paladin price increased

-Paladin is now a rank3 unlock

-Strategy center is now required to build Paladin

-Humvee is no longer a mobile bunker (only transport)

-Humvee price decreased

-Avenger price decreased

-Avenger anti missile laser cooldown increased

-Avenger anti missile laser range decreased

-Avenger laser designator range increased to aid long range units

-Tomahawk price increased for all USA armies

-Sentrydrone gun upgrade removed from all USA armies (except for superweapons general)

-Sentrydone price decreased

-American vehicles can no longer upgrade to support drones (repair+scout+hellfire) only super weapon general has this ability for her vehicles

-Comanche Anti tank missile increased from 4 to 8 (airforce commanche is different)

-Aurora bomb damage reduced

-Raptor missile damage slightly increased (does not include king raptor)

-Raptor missiles increased from 4 to 6

-Raptor price decreased

-Stealthfighter price decreased

-MOAB upgrade removed from all USA generals except for Airforce

-Strategy center can no longer upgrade drone armor (only super weapon general can)

-Pathfinder price increased

-Pathfinder gun damage decreased (no longer 1 shot killing infantry)

-Patriot missiles can no longer target ballistic missiles

USA Airforce Changes:

-Combat Chinook price increased

-Airfield is now required for Combat Chinook (instead of war factory)

-Airfield price increased from 800 to 1000

-Humvee price decreased (still higher than other factions)

-Comanche price increased from 1200 to 1400

-Comanche build time slightly decreased

-Comanche Stealth upgrade price increased from 1500 to 3000

-Rocketpods upgrade are only available for USA airforce

-Comanche anti tank missiles start with 8, once the rocket pods upgrade is purchased they reduce to 4

-Kingraptor price increased from 1100 to 1600

-Stealthfighter price decreased to 1200

-Stealthfighter build time slightly decreased

-Carpetbomb is now a rank 5 option

-MOAB upgrade only available for Airforce general

USA Laser Changes:

-Added laser paladin

-Added laser comanche

-Laser Crusader damage increased

-Laser Paladin now has increased damage versus infantry

-Laser Paladin and Laser Crusader tanks weapons now have a clip (3 shots per 4 seconds, they give 3 fast high damaging shots to enemy but have a big cooldown until the weapon is recharged during this time player has to support the tanks with humvees or infantry or air support)

-Base defense laser cannons range decreased

-Base defense laser cannon can no longer target ballistic missiles

USA SuperWeapon Changes:

-Added EMP Tomahawk launcher

-Can now build Crusader tank

-Composite Armor can now be purchased from Strategy center

-Sentrydrone gun firerate increased

-Sentrydrone can gain veterancy

-Vehicles cost slightly higher than normal USA and Laser

-All vehicles can be upgraded to support drones

-Battledrone damage and range slightly increased

-Hellfire drone range increased

-Hellfire drones fire two missiles

-Alpha Aurora prices increased

-Particlecannon is required for AlphAurora

-Alpha Aurora bomb and fuel bomb damage decreased

-Particlecannon price increased

-EMP Patriot missiles can no longer target Ballistic missiles

-Emergency Repair is now a rank1 ability

China (General) Changes:

-Internet Center provides $40 income in ever 2000 Miliseconds

-Redgaurd build time decreased

-Emergency Repair is now a Rank1 ability

-Nukecannon is now a Rank2 unlock

-Nukecannon price increased

-Nukecannon armor increased

-Overlord price increased to 2000

-Blacklotus hack range decreased

-Inferno cannons price increased

-TroopCrawler price decreased to 1000 (except for china infantry)

-Gattling cannons can no longer target ballistic missiles

-Helix price decreased

-Gattling cannon upgrade for overlord and helix price decreased
(Overlord and emperor cost more now therefor the gattling upgrade price is lowered)

China Infantry Changes:

-Minigunner price increased

-Minigunner buildtime decreased

-Minigunner has double damage against all ground targets

-Minigunner can benefit from the chain gun upgrade

-Minigunner can no longer target air vehicles

-Gattling Tank added to war factory

-Assault troopcrawler armor increased

-Assault troopcrawler buildtime decreased

-Assault troopcrawler comse with 8 redgaurds instead of minigunners

-Assault Troopcrawler price decreased to 1700

-Super black lotus price increased

-Super black lotus hack range decreased

-Super hacker price increased

China Nuke General Changes:

-Nuke Battlemaster tank price increased

-Nuke Overloard tank price increased

-Nukecannon price increased

-Can no longer build inferno cannons

-Can no longer build Dragon tank

-Black napalm upgrade removed

-Nuke Carpetbomb is now a Rank5 ability

-Nuclear helix price decreased

China Tank Changes:

-Battlemaster tank price increased

-Emperor tank price increased

-Emperor tank weapon damage and range slightly increased

-Troopcrawler price decreased to 900

-Carpetbomb is now a Rank3 ability instead of 5

-Emergency repair now available in Rank1

-Cost reduction to MiG and Helix

GLA (General) Changes:

-GLA Worker can no longer build fake Commandcenter

-GLA Stingersite anti ground missile can now target air vehicles at same range

-Sneak attack is now a Rank3 Ability

-CashBounty available in Rank1

-Emergency repair is now available in Rank1

-Scorpion tanks price slightly increased

-Rocket Buggy price increased

-Rocket Buggy can now target air units after upgarding to AP rockets + Extra ammo

-Combat Bike Armor decreased

-ScudLauncher is now a Rank3 Unlock

-ScudLauncher price increased

-ScudLauncher armor increased

-Mauradar Tank price increased

-Mauradar Tank damage increased

-Maurader Tank damage versus infantry increased

-Mauradar upgraded gun damage and firerate increased

GLA Toxin Changes:

-Slight price changes in tanks

-Every other change is same as GLA changes

GLA Demo Changes:

-Demo Bike price increased

-Slight price changes for other tanks

-Every other change is same as GLA changes

GLA Stealth Changes:

-Rocketbuggy can be directly built without having Palace

-Rocketbuggy price increased

-Every other change is same as GLA changes

Thank you for reading this

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