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I'll be posting here, a basic tutorial of how to change the weight of the backpack, in all Stalkers, and mods for Stalker.

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Hello everyone (Good Morning).

I'll be posting here, a basic tutorial of how to change the weight of your backpack for any mod Stalker SHOC, CS and CoP.
I know there are some people who already know how to do this, but there are those among many who do not know modify the weight of your backpack.

  • First :

    Change the weight of the backpack S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Without any mod above.

There are those who have never played S.T.A.L.K.E.R.And they want to finish it without a mod for now. But that has difficulty in weight, want to earn a lot of money selling arms, ammunition, food, but their weight interferes, you may take an arsenal of weapons for traders, and make lots of money over it.

Those who play S.T.A.L.K.E.R. SHOC without mod, will need to download this .exe file.

Then create a folder in the work area by renaming it to gamedata.
After this step, you guys are going to open the DB extractor.exe, go in the game directory, and extract the files gamedata.db0 until the last gamedata within the folder you'll be in the area of work. (Do not forget above all, INSTALLING desired patch).

Then copy the folder gamedata the area of work, and paste it in the directory Stalker SHOC.
Then open the folder and gamedata follow this step:

Config: Inside the config folder, there is a file named system, open it the Ctrl + F and Weight research: the original weight is 50, change it to the desired.

Then in the folder> GameData> Settings> Creatures: find the file named actor: again find the name of Weight, the original weight is 50, change to the desired again within the actor file, search Weight again, the original weight is 60, change it to the desired. (Remember to search 2 times weight within the actor file).

Well, you already changed the weight, now is kill everyone and clear the pack and sell them to become the richest Stalker Zone.

In S.T.A.L.K.E.R. CS and CoP, you guys will download the file:

and put it in the directory of the game, follow the readme of the unpacker, and follow the instructions.
After taking a unpack all files, so is doing the same thing you guys did in STALKER SHOC.

I hope this helps all of you.

Have a good day

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