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MCreator is program for modding minecraft without programing knowedge. It's simple to learn and use. With mcreator you can customize your minecraft as you wish. After creating new mod you can show it to world by uploading it to MCreator's community. SUPER THANKS TO

Posted by on - Intermediate Starting a mod

What you can do with it?
New blocks, New items, New dimensions, New food/potions, New armor, New tools, New recipes, New smelting recipes, New fuels, New biomes, New blocks based on existing, New events, New creative inventory tabs, New mobs, New fluids, New armor, New commands, New plants, New textures and much more!

THANKS TO: PyloDEV, Minewolf20, Tykiechaosop, Th3_EnderBrandon, TeamSpulaking, Xdexlessinal00, Mineox, xben360 That made posible this tutorial.


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