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Creating a Bump and Normal Bump Author: Abraham Lincoln (Chizh Fedor)

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1) To create a model with a simple (bump) you will need:
a) Model in the format of 3Ds Max.
b) Texture for this model

A Simple Bump.

1) Create a model, or take a ready-made. I have it will be the model of the raft.
Figure 1
After you give him a simple texture(diffuse). For this purpose in the material(M button) select any ball(the first figure five, and find them under
section Maps, there are looking for a place Diffuse Color and click on none:

Figure 2

Window opens Material\Map Browser”, there in the right column we choose bitmap, then click “OK”:
Figure 3
After opens, Select the Bitmap Image File”select the desired texture, and click “open”:
Figure 4
Now create the bump:
Start again in material, but we seek the line is not Diffuse Color, Bump, and in line Bump click on the “none”:
Figure 5
Also do not forget to put the power of the bump. (default value is 30, but for a stronger effect, mono put 100).
After clicking the “none”, you again open the window “Material\Map Browser”, and we again, select bitmap and click on “OK”:
Figure 6

Figure 7
Once again opens the window “Select the Bitmap Image File”, but we провернем notthe old scheme, but slightly modified:
We make a copy of the texture(select it, CTRL+C CTRL+V), and re-call that a copy exactly like the original texture only with the end of the _bp”, and click “open”:

Figure 8
Only thing left now is to export a model, and you will have and the model and bump as 3ds Max itself forms bump texture:
Figure 9

Normal Bump:

Normal Bump differs only a small part in the process of creating a bump. After assigning the model Diffuse Color, we also go to line Bump, and click on the “none”, but choose not to bitmap, a “normal bump”:

Figure 10
After choosing any texture, as 3Ds Max cannot generate needed bump texture, which can be kept playing. Then export the model.
Then you will need to create bump texture or through special programs, or via a plugin for Photoshop from NVIDIA. possible and on Paint.Net

Abraham Lincoln (Chizh Fedor)

Translation made by a translator ( Yandex, Google)

Русская версия ТУТ (


Thank's a lot for this good tuto ;)

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Thanks for this clear tutorial.

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