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Please refer to the content below. There you will find an in-depth guide of how to install my audio patch into your own Lemmings PSP game and build Lemmings PSP Amiga Classic Edition. This tutorial is the same as that posted on the Summary page of my mod.

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I cannot really accurately tell you how many times I have played
Lemmings PSP, and yearned to hear the old Amiga soundtrack from the 90's
playing in it. I'm not saying that the music in the game by default is
bad, but at the same time it's just a little too modern for me. It
doesn't have quite the same soul and depth the original Amiga Lemmings
soundtrack had. I mean seriously. When I hear Lemming Amiga Tim 2 my
spirits soar. So, I began to find a way to get that awesome soundtrack
into my own copy of this amazing game. At first I just turned the
default music sound down via in-game menu options and used a music
plug-in to play my favorite tracks, but that wasn't really as satisfying
as having the music load as actual game content. I experimented with
various methods make a long story short....


This patch will import all those old classic Amiga Lemmings tunes (and
some bonus stuff) into a retail Lemmings PSP ISO dumped from a Lemmings
UMD disc! You may wonder why this is so stud. Well, this patch allows
you to feast your ears on one of the most wonderful game soundtracks
ever, and, at the same time, enjoy the beautiful modern 21st-century
graphics of Lemmings PSP! Is that not enough to make you want to
download? Hey, I'm not responsible for the hours you will spend playing
this game on account of the wonderful music. With the exception of the
in-game title screen main menu music, all tracks were composed by Tim
Wright, and Brian Johnston. If you like the music, hit Tim up with an
email at
! I haven't been able to find much about Brian, but you should pay him a
visit too. Now. Let's move on to applying the patch shall we?


Dear Random-PSP-User-I-Do-Not-Know-By-Name,

Welcome to Lemmings PSP - Amiga Classic Edition. This patch features 19
music tracks from the original Amiga version of Lemmings from
yesteryear! Tim Wright and Brian Johnston are the outstanding composers
responsible for most of the music you hear in my patch, all except that
of the catchy main menu title screen you get on first load, which is
credit to Sony. Also, the program you will be using in this tutorial was
developed by Dodswm at It's a wonderful bit of free software. Now. On to the stuff you downloaded this for!

You will be patching a Lemmings ISO dump sourced from a retail Lemmings
PSP UMD. You will need custom firmware in order to do this. I use 5.00
M33 - 6, and have included the MD5 check-sum for the American version
(NTSC) of Lemmings PSP, which is what I have. If your region is
different, please let me know and I'll be sure to get the right
check-sum for ya to use. Otherwise, the MD5 check-sum verification will
fail, and you will not be able to enjoy Lemmings PSP - Amiga Classic
Edition. I will now break down the patching procedure into 10 easy


1. Download my Lemmings ACE v1.4 Patch + file. Unzip it to wherever you desire.

2. Run Apply Patch.exe

3. Click "1) CheckMD5"

4. Select your Lemmings PSP ISO file

5. Wait for the check to complete. Program will turn white. This is not a freeze. Wait.

4. Click "2) Apply Ripkit"

5. Define your file-name

6. Hit save.

7. Wait for it to finish.

8. (Optional) Hit "3) Compress" to compress your ISO to CSO {Though it's
kind of pointless. You'll likely just get a laggy game because of the

9. Copy your new ISO to your PSP.



And you're done! You're now ready to enjoy Tim Wright's and Brian
Johnston's awesome Amiga soundtrack, real-time, with modern 21st-century
Lemmings graphics by the lovely Sony Computer Entertainment. Check out
"Credits" under the in-game "Options" menu to see an introductory video!
There are many known issues with this patch, but if you find something
terribly wrong or have a question, comment, suggestion, or anything
else, feel free to hit me up at, or
! Thanks go out to Sony, Tim Wright, Brian Johnston, the developers of
the patching software at, GOD, and finally all my YouTube
video watchers! As I said before, God bless ye all! Enjoy the game, and
have a great day! Thanks for downloading!


Known Issues:

Most music tracks do not loop perfectly. Will fix this in future when I find out how.

Coming Soon:

Flawless looping of music tracks

More customized in-game video sequences

And more!


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