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Console Commands. Added new commands and changed command syntax.

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–°ommand: (Mandatory <>, Optional [], Or |, Inversion !, & And)
tick - Turns the global tick on or off
rain - Turns rain on or off in the current world
time - <morning|day|evening|night>| <0|1|2|3> - Sets the specified time
level - <0|1|2|3|4> - Moves the player to the specified world
humidity - <0-10> - Changes the player's moisture level
health - <0-10> - Changes the player's life level
stamina - <0-10> - Changes the player's stamina level
hunger - <0-10> - Changes the player's satiety level
thirst - <0-10> - Changes the player's thirst level
tp - <x y [level]> - Teleports the player
give - <name [count]> - Gives the player the specified item
set - <<t|e|f> name x y [data]> - Sets the tiles entity or furniture 
kill - <-[!]<all|entity|player|mob> [level]> - Kills entities and players 
clear - <in> - Cleans inventory
sound - <name> - Play sound
spawnpoint - [x & y] - Sets the spawn point]
locate - <name> - Displays the coordinates of a structure you haven't been to
music - <stop|play|pause> - Plays, stops, pauses the music in the game 

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