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This is a Frequently Asked Questions thread for Black ICE

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This thread is about answering the Frequently Asked Questions of Black ICE.

-1. Is Black ICE Compatible with Windows XP?

Yes Black ICE is compatible with Windows XP but most of the flavour events are missing.Link :

0. Where can i download the mod from?

The first page of the stickied Black ICE thread here Installation Instructions are also given there. Read carefully!

1. What languages does the mod support?

Only English

2. What are these huge Airforces? Why does the enemy have 50 Interceptors?

In Black ICE the size of Air Forces have increased in size , the production time and ic cost have been dropped. This realistically displays the huge Air Forces nations built in World War 2

3. Where are my Transport Ships?

Transport ships now need the tech for transport ship hulls to be researched. All sea nations can build auxillary ships from the start. These are basically cheap but weak transports able to carry an infantry brigade. Transport ships can carry 1 4 brigade Division.

4. Man i have 3 Million Soldiers? What is this?

Brigade sizes also have been increased. Armies are a lot huger now to get closer to their historical sizes. Germany can field armies of 3.5 Million while the Soviets can go up to 7 Million troops or even more?5.

Which difficulty is Black ICE supposed to be played in?

Hard Difficulty or Very Hard Difficulty

6. There are a lot of units where can i find some information about the new units?

Here is a unit guide :

7. Why don't i have some events and decisions the AI has?

Black ICE is modded in 2 ways one for AI vs AI games and the other one is for Human vs AI games. Humans players won't get the easy events the AI does because they are perfectly capable to do those themselves.

8. Where are convoy raiders?

Convoy Raiders are now upgradeable from the Transport Ship unit.9. I found a bug where can i report this?In this thread here

10. I want to give Feedback on the mod where can i do this?

In this Thread here

11. Some units won't move normally unless they are strategically deployed?

Super Heavy Artillery units , Leader Units , Garrison Units (Unless upgraded) will only move when strategicly deployed.

12. Is Black ICE compatible with Sprites?
Saldy not. You have to use Counters in Black ICE.13. Does Black ICE have submods?

Yes here is a link :

14. I only see the 1936 start? Where are the other starting dates?

Black ICE can only be played on the 1936 starting date.

15. Will there be a Their Finest Hour Compatible version of Black ICE?

Yes our next release will be Black ICE MKVII a full Their Finest Hour compatible release.

16. I hate the colours on the HQ! No! No! NO!

You can change the HQ colours by copying these files

Counters (folder)
mapcounters (folder)
smallcounters (folder) (file)

from your hearts of iron 3 vanilla folder in to your

Hearts of Iron III Black ICE\gfx\mapitems

Overwrite all when asked.

17. I just don't like the new Vanilla Event images how can i revert to the old ones?

Here is a link

download it and simply copy the contents in to

Hearts of Iron III Black ICE\gfx\pictures\events

Overwrite when asked.

18.Is it true that Had a dad was dropped on his head many time when he was a baby?

You betchya, er actually no, I just act that way.

(More to come)


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How do I use strategic redeployment in black Ice? I can't find it anywhere

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CTRL+Left Click

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Black Ice Version 7.53 Install guide . Best mod ever made and most hands on consistent development team EVER !

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what's the end date for the mod's campaigns? techs up to 1984, yes?

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