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I'm going to teach you a super basic lesson, on how to activate a custom MIDI sound font in Duke Nukem 3D with the EDuke32 application.

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1 : You're going to need to download a MIDI sound font. Here's a link to a good example.
Soundfont Example addon - Duke Nukem 3D - Mod DB

2 : Click on your options menu, after starting EDuke32.

3 : Then click on the sound options.

4 : Click on device configuration.

5 : Click on MIDI Driver until you get the ( .SF2 Synth ) option.

6 : When you have that option. Click on the option below it.

7 : Search for the SF2 file you downloaded in step one earlier.

8 : Activate the SF2 file and enjoy better sounding MIDI music.

The End.

Thank you for reading this super basic lesson.

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