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Pirate Prince Colin of Zweilund 1524 Start Part of my sporadic not taking on the game. Trying to arrange it is difficult but I am putting solid hours into this game. As much as a normal person goes to work.

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1524 Start

Pirate Prince Colin of Zweilund – You start with 4 counties with a decent economic setup. Its very hard to take islands as morale is extremely low coming off boats. Defensively, you just need a decent garrison on each island and just keep them raised ASAP so when someone lands they get ate up. I had a stack of 5000 get demolished by my defending stack of 1200. You receive 100 Boats and 4500 Troops from an event. Use this troops to immediately raid EVERYONE! They are Maintence free Units and ships. Do not let them die. If they get low bring them back to your shores and use your levyies to raid for awhile. I use all regency to summon free troops and just add them along with a retinue eventually. It is inevitable that you will lose Doge to someone else. But don’t neglect the citys and castles. By making them stronger and even helping the other pirate families will keep you strong. Of special note is the Republic south of you. It is hard to stop him from mustering his forces against you, but his lands are filled with gold and not a lot of defense.

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