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I've noticed quite a few people having trouble getting the host bot to work from looking at server logs. There are currently in game instructions in the chat channel BTT and in the game lobby after hosting. I will explain further here.

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1. Log on to U.S. East, or Europe

2. Join channel BTT where you will see the below:

WC3ScrnShot 091816 223056 02

Here you will be greeted by a list of commands:

!maps - Displays maps to choose from

!map MAPNAME - Loads your chosen map file

!pub GAMENAME - Creates a public game lobby with your chosen map

3. Go to the custom game list and type in your game name:

WC3ScrnShot 091816 223944 01

4. After joining you will see this:

WC3ScrnShot 091816 223958 02

Here you will be greeted by a list of commands:

!start - Begins the game

!comp X X - This adds a computer player. For example to add an insane computer to slot 2 you would type !comp 2 2

!comprace RACE - Change the computer race. For example to set to Orc type !comprace orc

!comptteam X X - This allows you to set the team of a computer player. For example to change the computer in slot 2 to team 2 you would type !compteam 2 2

NOTE: By default the computer will be team 1, your team. If you do not change the team the game will end immediately after starting.

!unhost - Cancel the game.

If you have any questions please contact me.

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