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Health Mod balances the prices between ALL factions. This is why , for example, Urban Cohort is so expensive. This article will cover some main points: >> Making an army >> Using missiles to their maximum potential >> Using infantry to its maximum potential and how to protect yourself from missiles >> Using cavalry >> Countering Cavalry >> Using siege-engines in battle >> Terrain bonuses (not from mod, but players should know about them)

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>> Making an army

Usually I play with 22k, but you can play with 15k as well.

To make a strong army, you should use all money.

>>>> Formations for beginners

There are 2 main formations that any beginner/advanced player could use to gain victory.

First one is: Main line of 5 units (chosen swordsmen or pike-men) , 4 units of easy to maneuver units (sword infantry, naked fanatics, Egyptian axe-men, etc) (2 on left flank, 2 on right flank) , 4-5 good archers for main line and a few pillum-throwing units on flanks protected by 1-2 elite cav units.

Second one is:

4 lines of 5 infantry each. (works best with rome). First line: elite units , second line pillum-throwing units, third line: melee units again, 4th line other pillum-throwing units, or spearmen.

>> Using missiles to their maximum potential

>>>> Pillums are very useful in this mod. For killing cav and infatry. Do not underestimate them.

>>>> Arrows are great as well. Fire arrows deal additional damage and affect morale as well, so be sure to use them against heavily armored units.

With Rome, you should deplete all pillum ammo in enemy infantry before going in melee. You can sacrifice a infantry unit by putting it in front of all other pillum-throwing infantry. While it is attacked, the infantry from the back will keep shooting pillums (also do not forget to put auto-fire on when enemy is nearby).

Remember: Missiles deal more damage in enemy's flanks. And maximum damage in enemy's back.

Remember: Units without shield receive maximum damage (to my knowledge) from front as well. (e.g. Pharaoh's guards)

Tip: Because of how strong missiles are especially in late-game, you should always snipe enemy archers and pillum-throwing units first.

>> Using infantry to its maximum potential and how to protect yourself from missiles

>>>> First, how to protect yourself from missiles:

Wide formation is best protection vs missiles. So be sure to use it as soon as your units are attacked by missiles.

>>>> How to fight phalanx units

I saw players charging phalanx from front and getting decimated. That is no way to defeat a phalanx unit.

To defeat it, you have to attack its flanks. Best way is to put your infantry on flanks leaving the archers and missiles in middle. Then the enemy will either split his phalanx , making them easy targets or go into a noob square.

If he goes in a noob square, use the missiles to shoot in unit's flanks, decimating them.

Remember: use infantry only vs phalanx 's flank or back and you will be victorious.

Tip: Barbarians should use one druid unit for army's morale and keep it near the infantry that fights.

Tip: You can use screeching women (1 unit) for same purposes.

Tip: Warcry gives a 30 seconds +10 attack. Use it before charging, with barbarians.

Tip: Berserkers are best when aided by another melee unit so that they do not get focused-down by enemy infantry.

>> Using cavalry

Each cavalry unit has its own advantage.

Heavy Cavalry is beautiful in battle (against other cav) and charges.

Light cavalry is beautiful in silencing enemy missiles and harassing units.

General's bodyguard has a lot of health and is hard to break while also being very maneuverable because of its small size.

Tip: After your cav charged in enemy units, retreat it as soon as possible. Do not let cavalry in prolong combat.

Tip: Charges from flanks/back deal a lot more damage than charges from front.

You can use cavalry either defensively or aggressively. If you are aggressive, you can put all cavalry on one flank that is less defended by enemy. The player that has cavalry in late-game has greater chances of winning.

Pillum-throwing cavalry is a very versatile unit, beautiful in helping other cav in its engagements or harassing enemy infantry. Same with archer-cav.

>> Countering Cavalry

You can counter it quite easy. Best way is to take advantage of your enemy's lack of experience (I mean, use pillum-throwing units+1 heavy cav). One unit of heavy cav can tank the enemy attack while pillums slaughter it.

Or you can bring 3-4 units of cavalry but always be sure to have 1 infantry as help especially when cav will go vs other cav in prolong melee.

Tip: Dogs are great as well to harass enemy cav. Use them only when enemy cav gets too close to either stop their charge or to help your other units fight the cav in prolong melee.

Tip: Use fire arrows vs enemy cav to lower its numbers.

>> Using siege-engines in battle

Ballistas and catapults have been changed :)


Ballistas deal 2x damage while having 3x number. (6 instead of 2). So they are very good vs infantry and elephants. Almost as good as an archer unit. You can have 1 ballista unit to snipe out enemy heavy infantry.

Fire shots deal a little more damage but are not accurate. It is best to use standard shot.


Catapults have 1/3 ammo while having 3x number (6 catapults instead of 2). Fire shot deals huge damage vs soldiers while standard shot is good only to snipe out enemy artillery/elephants and vs walls.

Tip: Do not use all ammo. Save it for late game. Shoot mainly blobs so that your catapult will hit something.

Tip: Catapult has normal attack (not 2x attack as ballista) so sometimes it won't kill enemy soldiers. Tho it is a good addition especially in large/huge scale combat.

>> Terrain bonuses (no from mod, but players should know about them)

It would seem that higher ground gives units more missile attack (not sure about missile attack bonus) , more range and more missile defense (from what I saw).

Tip: Use higher ground when in disadvantage. Archers on higher-ground are more effective than on lower ground.

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