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Minotaur Cybernetics LLC presents the tutorial on the launcher gui. The launcher gui is slightly different than the expansion gui. This is a choice-based GUI that you simply need to hover over and click on certain hotspots to activate. You may need to use the mouse to search for hidden hotspots and then activate it.

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The UI for the launcher is somewhat different than the expansions. It is a choice-based UI. You simply move the mouse over certain spots and click it to be able to adventure there. Several of these hidden hotspots have items that are searchable by hovering over the screen and the mouse icon will change. Where inventory is important, an inventory is available at the top left part of the screen. Some hotspots require an item from inventory. In that case, you simply drag the item from inventory to that special hotspot to activate it. Otherwise, simply clicking on a hotspot will activate that hotspot.

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