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Ok, because I forgot to add the Readme.txt, here you can read a short instruction for the game :-)

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No Male Heroes - Readme

1. Starting the GameStart the No Male Heroes exe. Press Alt+Enter for fullscreen mode.
2. Gameplay ControlsMove: Cursor for up, down, left, rightUse/Talk to: SpaceSave Menu: Escape
3. Game Play- Main interactions are moving, talkting to people and interacting with objects in the game world.- The inventory and character data can be viewed, but have no direct impact in the game
4. Further InformationsYou can find links to background information as well as videos, texts and interviews about videogames, gender and the sexism discussion on our Newsgame Website.5. Known issuesLoading of Savegames may not always work. We recommand that you save at the beginning of eachchapter in different slots.
6. Contact usIf you have any questions, issues with/about the game or just want to say how awesome NMH is, you cancontact us via Facebook or Email: contact@wazagames.de7. DonateThis game is available for free. If you like it we would appreciate thatyou make a donation to support our efforts in developping further -> Click on Tip

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