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Hello to all, every game that you respect has a fascinating story, and we want to tell our own, that of BallystiX! Of course, more details will be revealed during development, but in the meantime enjoy the main story!

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Hello to all,
every game that you respect has a fascinating story, and we want to tell our own, that of BallystiX!
Of course, more details will be revealed during development, but in the meantime enjoy the main story!

It is the year 2100, and a dangerous criminal has infected with a virus the military computer systems around the world.
This virus was created to sabotage military systems and to start a nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles on the world's major cities, then humanity is in danger!

To resolve this crisis, it was created an anti-virus, Ballystix, which has the task of identifying and disabling infected groups of memory of various military systems.
The small anti-virus will be able to save the humanity?


Game mode
There is the single-player game mode, developed in three main campaigns plus a bonus campaign, unlockable at the end.
All campaigns are only unlockable when you complete the previous one, and each will consist of 20 levels.
The bonus campaign (marathon) will be unlimited and will contain randomly all objects of previous campaigns.

Objectives of the game
To pass each level you will have to 'turn on' a certain percentage of cells to overcome levels.
Each level will have different obstacles, bonuses and enemies (to be determined).
Possible bonus:
• bonus time (increases the time available)
• activation bonus (reduces the percentage to be achieved to pass the level)
• bonus bomb (destroys all current enemies)
• bonus area (activates all cells around the protagonist)

Each campaign will have a different scenario, enemies and different types of obstacles:

A little help

The aim of the game is to turn on the percentage of cubes required to pass the level.

To do this you must go in 'trace mode' to create the path which, together with the edges of the playing field or other lighted cells, will be closed and turn on the internal cells.

If the enemies touch the track during 'design', then it is game over!
You also have to shoot the enemies to kill them.

Every time you kill an enemy, appear bonuses of all kinds to collect.

New energy system for Ballystix!

Now to draw the path and turn on the cells, you need energy.
This energy can be earned by collecting the many bonuses that appear every time you kill an enemy!
The energy decreases each time you turn on a memory cell.


Fire1 key --> Shoot
Hold Jump key --> Enter in trace mode
Esc key --> Pause game
F1 key --> Tutorial

BallystiX - definitive visual style for Legacy Systems campaign!

The full story, the journey of the little antivirus!!

After discovering the catastrophic computer virus, researchers from all nations have joined forces to create the antivirus that will have to fight this war: BallysyiX.
This is a very simple and aggressive antivirus, whose strategy will be to surround and disable the memory cells infected.

But the trip will not be so simple: to win the war, researchers have realized that you have to clean up any computer system on the planet, starting with the oldest.
For this, the journey of BallystiX will be divided into three different stages and campaigns: legacy systems, modern systems, advanced experimental systems.

Each type of system will have its threats, different obstacles, intelligent enemies, unpredictable memory cells.
Each campaign will have 20 random levels, and at the end of each will unlock new skills and campaigns.
Our antivirus will have to save the world !!!

Campaign 1: Legacy systems

The adventure of the small anti-virus begins from the simplest systems, Legacy systems, the easiest systems to be disabled because constructed in a simple manner.
Our hero will have to fight enemies (for now not very smart) and fixed obstacles (not lethal hardware), to turn off the old memory cells infected with the catastrophic virus.

Enemies are active processes of the virus, which will be destroyed by a powerful electric shock, the standard gun.

BallystiX - definitive visual style for Legacy Systems campaign!

BallystiX - definitive visual style for Legacy Systems campaign!

Campaign # 2: Modern systems

This is the second campaign of the game, set in modern computer systems.
Here the memory cells are more dangerous, some will move randomly, and obstacles will be of the pieces of electronic circuits that will move also their randomly, creating new difficulties.
The enemies will be more alert and intelligent, and they will be able to attract to them our hero through a special electric field.
New weapons will be available to shoot.

BallYstiX let's modeling the campaign number 2!!!!

BallYstiX let's modeling new scenes!!

Campaign # 3: advanced experimental systems!

This is the third campaign of the game, the most exciting, the most difficult, the most challenging.
The memory cells will move randomly, and some will be lethal!
Even circuits and obstacles will move, will be subject to physics and well they will be lethal!
Enemies will be very fast, smart, will have the ability to attract the prey and can even shoot!
Here, too, there will be new weapons available!

BallYstiX let's modeling new scenes!!

BallYstiX let's modeling new scenes!!

Campaign 'marathon': Unleashed systems!

This is the final game of the campaign, which will be unlocked once you've finished the main story.
This game mode has infinite levels, and will contain randomly all previous campaigns characteristics with maybe some surprises!
All this will be made to have an endless challenge and to achieve a legendary level of play, experiences and scores!

BallYstiX let's modeling new scenes!!

BallYstiX let's modeling new scenes!!

Road Map to version 1.0

Step 1 (completed)

  • Basic game prototype
  • Base game mechanics
  • Game options and persistent data storage
  • Basic gui, without art

Step 2 (completed)

  • Visual style definition
  • Art directiom
  • Graphic assets
  • Characters definition and creation
  • Scenarios
  • Visual effects design

Step 3

  • Full storytelling
  • Campaigns definition
  • Campaigns descriptions with story
  • Campaigns manager
  • Campaigns characters and assets definition

Step 4

  • Score management
  • Character progression system, skills, power ups, weapons
  • Highscores
  • Shared Rankings
  • Public leaderboards
  • Game achievements
  • Social sharing (maybe)
  • Definitive gui implementation

Step 5

  • Sound effects
  • Soundtracks
  • Controls improvements
  • Full controller support (also to reach the console version)
  • Various commercial improvements (on every aspect of game)

BallYstiX go!

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