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A in deep analises to programming and in to torque 3D script language.

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I was searching in Youtube to found some kind of video resources and stumble upon this series. It explain most of features in programming and debugging the language code. The series does a walk throw, since there aren't many resources around worth mention.

Programming and art , are 2 fields that you need to acquire experience. You can't rush your way in to something because you will be disappointment, due to the fact you don't have the enough experience to move your way around. If some else walk you it is ok but for you to do it alone, is needed to acquire experience in order to be able to move your way around.

Once you start to accumulate enough experience you will see how easy is to do programming. How easy is to tweak a 3D model. How easy is to make sketch of a game. But you need to work for some time just to acquire experience, once this step is over, it become natural to work in this kind of field.

When you see videos on this stuff one thing that all developers have in come is that they are not hurry with the details was normally a person is. Because in this field, that require it's time to mature. If you start to stress to much in the earlier steps you can't go to far you need to be loss in your approach, and give it's time.

The experience can be gained by videos for programming or by books, wiki, guides, etc... videos is a bit better in my perspective since you see the result up front and you don't need to do it your self. Once you understand it, is more easy to do it your self.

I realize lather that the series is not on Torque Script the .CS files, but on .CPP which are C++ files. The engines support both. The tutorial it self have no utility for game developers is more for Engine Developers. My mistake for posting it up. Still the first video gives a good feed back on how to debug, regards it's C++ or Torque Script Debugging is similar in all languages.

Probably for most viewers only the first video worth watching.

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