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Very simple thing to allow monsters into multiplayer

Posted by on - Basic Server Side Coding

This will be the most simple thing you ever do in your SDK,

Step 1: Open your server side (hl.dsp)

Step 2: Open game.cpp

Step 3: Search for cvar_t allowm FCVAR_SERVER }; (its around line 44)

Step 4: Replace the 0 with a 1 like this cvar_t allowm FCVAR_SERVER };

The 0 means that it is turned off in the code, so if you run a map with monsters in deathmatch they will not appear. The 1 means it is on so they will appear. You can also do things like enable or disable flashlights, friendly fire etc here. If you need any help just message me.

D-Wanderer - - 136 comments

Very simple yet very helpful little tut. Keep up the good work.

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