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This tutorial shows all the basic weapons, how to craft them, and what they do.

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Crafting: 2 iron or 2 stone + 1 stick

Description: The swords have a short swing time, meaning you can get a lot of hits fast. However, it has a range of 3 blocks, making it easy to let an enemy hit you while using it. The stone version does 4 damage, and the iron variant does 6.


Crafting: 4 iron or 4 stone + 2 sticks

Description: The waraxes have a range of 6 blocks, letting you hit your enemies from afar. But, they have a very long swing time, making it dangerous if you miss your first hit. The stone version does 8 damage, and the iron variant does 12.



Description: The bows use arrows for ammo. Aiming can be a bit difficult, but there is no cooldown and the arrows do 6 damage.


Crafting: 1 stone + 5 sticks = 5 arrows

Description: The arrows are ammo for bows.

Magic Staff

Magic Staff:

Crafting: 1 magic crystal + 2 sticks

Description: The magic staff costs 4 mana but can do 8 damage on impact. Its projectiles are unaffected by gravity. You can craft a magic crystal using 4 coal. There are other staffs too, and you can craft them using different amounts of magic crystals. But you'll need to discover those yourself.

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