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This tutorial shows you how to pilot jets/choppers correctly in Infinity Warfare.

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  1. In TDM-supported maps, jets and choppers will spawn randomly on open spawnpoints. They are marked on your screen, thus it is quite easy to pick one up. Once reached to an air vehicle, hold [USE] to get into it: the scrollbar will pop up to show you the progress.
  2. Now, your perspective will be switched to thirdperson view. The startup will take 10 seconds and the plane will takeoff: the sky is now yours.
  3. How to control the plane? Here are some basic maneuver control:
  • By default, the vehicle will move slowly (harrier) or hover (choppers) if none of the buttons is pressed.
  • Use your mouse to steer.
  • Press [USE] to throttle forward.
  • Double tap [USE] to perform evasive movement: this is effective when you have opponent's bird on your tail.
  • Press [ATTACK] to fire turret.
  • Double tap [ATTACK] to launch missiles: lock-on required.
  • Press [MELEE] to pop flares: help you avoid coming air-missiles.
  • Double tap [MELEE] to eject your self in urgent situations.

4. Some tips:

  • You (the pilot) can get easily killed : avoid engaging targets from their front.
  • When you have opponent vehicle on your tail and engage you with missile, pop flares and perform evasive movement (make a loop, etc).
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