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Some various (general) tips and hints for Assassin's Creed II players.

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Various tips:
* throw a knife at a Borgia messenger to get the cash w/o pursuing him (you can do the same to a thief)
* use dodging to gain an additional advantage in combat (stepping left/right or back)
* you can purchase special moves in the training area - talk to the mercenary responsible for training
* easy kill: opponents trying to climb the building are easier to kill - when you are at the top of it
* easy kill: opponents can't swim - you can try to fight them in areas mostly covered with water so they can fall down to the water (e.g. in Venice)
* EK (easy kill): regular guards, militia: Ezio is able to counter-kill or disarm or grab them
* EK: regular guards, advanced/elite: dodge left/right and then attack to perfom a finishing blow
* EK: seekers (halberds, etc.): disarm
* EK: agiles: counter-kill or disarm or grab
* agiles, also: avoid to run away from them in open space, such as streets
* EK: brutes: disarm or dodge and attack
* EK: archers: grab or disarm or counter-kill, all works
* press your "free hand" when running at full speed into a barricade made by guards (being formed when Ezio escapes) to jump through it
* you can jump on a pedestrian (high profile / double tap free hand button to jump on a passer-by)
* when your notoriety meter increases, you can avoid to tear down posters or bribe heralds - just assassinate witnesses, it's much easier/simpler
* in side missions (events) where you need to assassinate somebody undetected, create a distraction for all guards in your path and try to get behind the target or hide behind the crowd

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