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Letownbuilder: Updates and new features added. Weather Effects, Rioting, new buildings and more.

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I have added the ability to zoom in and out. press Z and X to zoom. Also added are more grave consequences for letting a village fall to rioting. Villagers now set fires to buildings. A roadmap for rioting is established, soon villagers will plot to assassinate the mayor, random villagers may die in the rioting, and finally a way for a village to reach "Game Over", if all villagers die. Also planned for rioting is the slowing or stopping of migrations. Folks will hear about your villages failure and decide not to move there.

Other features.

I am working on the Japanese environment to make it look prettier.
Weather effects, snow, rain, fog, sweltering heat.
Artwork updates to icons.
Militia House now available (coups tbd)
A Smelter now available to convert iron/gold ore into ingots.

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