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Come read the fifth installment of the Zone Weekly Wrap Up for our weekly subliminal hints and secrets for Zone: TB.

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A new voice!

Well hello there everyone. Kicking off this week's "Zone Weekly Wrap Up" you do not have Jamie, known as J45PER, but you have me, Nick, known as AngryFacing, giving you think week's subliminal hints and secrets for Zone: The Battleground. What do I have in store for you this week? Hold onto your chair and prepare for liftoff.

Who the hell is this guy?

Yes, you are probably wondering "who this Nick guy is" and why I am "stealing Jamie's spotlight" for the wrap up. First off, I am the Public Relations and Social Interactions for Xitol. If you see news about Zone: TB on other websites, you can probably assume I had some sort of part in getting it on there. I also am working with our community team, arranging events for pre and post launch of our game and talking with our community on Twitter. Now, why am I stealing Jamie's spotlight? Because he told me to.

From paradise to hell freezing over.

This week I have been keeping well up to date on what is going on with the our first two maps, known to you all as Glacial and Islands. While I have sworn an oath to not talk about the secret details that surround the making up of our maps, I will let you know that they are amazing looking, even for a pre-alpha state of the game. Viewing the daily progress on these maps actually give me goosebumps of excitement and chills down my spine. Maybe it's just me, but I am a freak of watching nothing become something.

Look for me Underground

Did I just hint at something there? Probably. Okay, yes, I did. I probably don't have permission to discuss what I have seen, but just for you, I'll let you know that what I have seen is dark, scary and I love it. That is all.

Back to the Future

So, as part of my role on the community team, I mentioned that I am planning on events, pre and post launch. Many of you are wondering what events we can do before we launch. And while I don't have any specific information to share and not making and formal announcements right now, I could say that there are thing in the works that will let you all get your hands on portions of Zone: TB before release and by doing so scoring yourself some awesome in-game "swag" and "perks" for you to use in the full release. Stay tuned. ;)

Our Community is filled with Legends

We announced this week on our Twitter that anyone who joins our forums between now and the end of 2011 will be promoted to the Community Legend title. The Community Legend title shows our future community of 2012 and beyond that you helped found Xitol's community and that you love us. All of our Community Legends will receive exclusive in-game "swag" and "perks" that will show you off like you haven't been before. I'm not at liberty to say what you will get since nothing is finalized right now, but as soon as I get the info, I'll share with you. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!

Welcome to the Jungle

A week ago, I made this logo for Xitol Softworks as part of promotion material. If my sources (Jamie) are correct, it should be public now, or very soon, on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Be sure to like and follow us! It could be hinting at something sexy that we are putting in the game. Not sure... or am I? Regardless of what I'm sure and not sure of, it's time for me to leave you, and head to the store to pickup my new netbook. However, I will leave you with 1747821 pixels of our sexy logo I was just talking about.

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Nice wrap up Nick!

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