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Right as we are too busy to add news a lot at the moment I thought I'd do a weekly wrap up of things that are happening within Xitol and on the Zone project.

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Welcome to Xitol

We have done a post to sort of sum up who we are and what we intend to do, we have posted it here and we hope this provides basic information on who we are and what we intend to do. We also posted new job postings on Indie DB and on other sites, the main jobs being programmer and 3D jobs, which we would like to fill as soon as possible.

Concept Work


We have some of our maps entering a test phase at pre-alpha which means they are almost ready for a tour and to show off the different environments of the Zone multiplayer space. Also if you have not seen the images we posted up of our golden armour effect this is one of the special effects that will be unlockable to certain community members for supporting the project, but we will tell you exactly how to get it when the time comes. We will also be posting more weapon concepts up on Indie DB, some of which are just sketches other are art pieces being used to create actual in-game weapons that we will be showing off very soon.

Concept Work

The Bad News

It isn't bad news as such but we are needing to stress that we need to gain more support form the community to give Zone a online presence, as well as us filling up these key open positions as soon as possible so we can get out at our predicted shipping date as well as have alpha tests open for the public by early 2012. We are internally pushing hard to do this but without these positions filled we can't flow as fast as possible.

Concept Work

Retail Details

On a positive note we are finalising some content for Retail and we will soon be announcing all the content and features in retail as well as our estimated RRP. We are adding in as well as taking out to make Zone fit into our target aim better if we do change things or cut things they will make it into the game as a free Title Update so that we make sure the experience is how we intended. As we have stated before we will open up all testing to the public so we get feedback on refining the play style and to find and fix bugs that we may miss ourselves, more news on this will come in the future.

Over and out

Thanks for reading and we will keep you posted, if you can get more people to find our project too we will appreciate it a lot.

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