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our first mobile 2d game, the concept art are missing, we working hard to hire a artist

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Can you survive a zombie outbreak? You got what it takes to get out of a contaminated city where you're the only survivor? Discover your skills in this game for iPod, iPhone and iPad.
ZombieW puts players in the action, where the only goal is to stay alive.
Mysteriously a zombie outbreak falls on the city, the player is in the midst of this chaos, no information of what is happening and only thinking about finding a away to escape.
To ensure their survival, shoot everything you can, but watch your ammunition is limited and you get killed while reloading your gun, be quicker and smarter. As a fearless survivor, makes barricade to slow the zombies horde, use this time to reload your gun.
This game brings basic and simple elements, but sufficient for a good gameplay.
Furthermore, we want to make sure the game is the most professional as possible.
The video shows our working prototype that is fully functional and has almost all the features we need to launch the game.We need to spend time replacing the art with production quality art and add the shooting 2d level. To do this we need to hire a specialist in art design to create the characters, zombies andscenarios (a key aspect that is missing now). Your funding will help us do a reallyfun game.

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