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The new version of "Zombie Run" (v 1.1) has been released - Now with more awesome!

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The new version of "Zombie Run" has been uploaded. This version replaces the original, un-original music (from "28 Days Later") with a track by Henrik Roslund (because nobody likes getting sued). Other changes include:

  • You can now be killed from behind
  • Character now actually holds the chainsaw, instead of it just hovering in front of you
  • Chainsaws start to fade before running out, providing a visual warning
  • You now move slightly more slowly while using a chainsaw, and killing zombies slow you down
  • Chainsaws now spawn further from the edge
  • Zombies can now lap around the edges, just like you
  • Scoring has been overhauled - slower and simpler
  • Award messages for killing sprees
  • Variable zombie run speeds
  • New Loading- and Score-screen artwork
  • Menu, with the option to mute and clear the Score-board

Visit my blog to find out more about this new version, let me know what you think of the new version and post your high-scores!

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