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Some more work with the mod, including new units, features, and doctrine abilities.

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Well, the mod is slowly making progress (its kinda hard by myself), and I have a quick update to share.
Recently added to the line up on the survivor side: the Police

By taking the Knights Cross, and turning them into Police Officers, the survivors have some help now. However, they aren't much better than the survivors. They do have some skills that make them valuable in combat.

Some work with the doctrines:

1) National Guard Support

Right Hand Side:
- Army Support: a squad of elite infantry can be called to the battlefield to help out.
- Artillery Support: a local artillery battery is still alive, and asking for coordinates for support.
- Clean Up Team: a squad of HAZMAT infantry armed with chemical weaponry is called to the battlefield.

Left Hand Side:
- For Freedom!: motivated to live and fight back the horde, all infantry recieve defensive and offensive bonuses to fight better.
- Additional Supplies: supplies have been rushed to your location so that survivors can fight harder!
- To the death! - all infantry are 75% more effective, amongst other things.

2) Police Support

Right Hand Side:
- Morale Boost: the satisfaction of finding a handful of survivors makes your soldiers believe there is a purpose; a reason for fighting on. Damage +20% Accuracy +15%
- SWAT Team - armed with automatic weapons and trained better than normal police officers, SWAT teams can handle more of a threat than normal survivors.
- SWAT Sniper Team - a sniper and a spotter are called in. Because of their precision, the sniper has an efficiency of almost 100%.

Left Hand Side:
- Barricades: constructing basic defenses can hold of the horde, allowing survivors to regroup and prepare.
- Riot Police: familiar with dealing with masses of people, riot police use chemical weapons and brute force to deal with the zombies.
- Remember your training!: most units in general become slightly more accurate due to the fact that the officers have been re-organized and have gotten over the initial 'shock factor' that zombies, which are suppose to not be real, produce.

3) Zombie Hunters

Right Hand Side:
- "Told You So's": believers in the zombie apocalypse who have prepared beforehand with a knowledge of how to kill them, how to survive, and how to shoot weapons.
- Outdoorsmen: armed with a knowledge of survival, these guys can last longer than most people. However, they are used to hunting animals, not human beings, so they aren't as accurate or prepared.
- Hunters: professional hunters that can blend in with the environment, using stealth and accuracy to their advantage.

Left Hand Side:
- Camouflage: all survivors are taught how to camouflage themselves.
- Traps: all survivors are taught how to lay traps, increasing their effectiveness.
- Survival Training: after learning how to survive in the wild, the remaining survivors fight better in combat, move faster, and are more accurate.

New units:

- Builders
- Survivors
- Police Officers
- Police Chief
- "Told You So's"
- Outdoorsmen
- Hunters
- SWAT Team/Sniper
- Riot Police
- Clean Up Team

That's all for now! Be sure to check the image gallery for previews on the new units!

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