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Happy Holidays from the Zombie Master 2 Development Team! Posting about the latest features as well as project plans for the next year.

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Hello, It has been quite some time now since we our last news update. We would like to apologize for taking so long to update. Due to time constraints and our own responsibilities, we haven't been able to make time for the project. Because of this, we may release Zombie Master 2 as is. Code-wise, it is nearly finished with the exception of a couple of features. Content-wise, we still need to finish up what we have as well as create more. If we do release early, we will be releasing patches along with it. Either way, Zombie Master 2 will be finished and released at some point in the future.

Random/Alternate Weapons

Customizing WeaponsCustomizing WeaponsCustomizing WeaponsCustomizing Weapons

Specific weapons have their own alternate weapons. For example, the machete's alternate weapon is a short-hand machete that deals half the damage it does. Another example being the default ZM shotgun being replaced with the Remington 870.

Mappers are able to change any properties of the weapon as long as the weapon is compatible with those changes. Any weapons in ZM2, including the standalone versions of the alternate weapons, can be modified.

The Whistler

The Whistler
The first support zombie unit in Zombie Master. It heals an amount of health per second of any units within a certain distance. They are very weak and easy to spot. But because of their ability, they are currently the most expensive unit.


New ZM Interface ( WIP )
Manipulates and spawn menus are streamlined into the ZM interface.

Item Auras
To assist the player, usable and critical items have auras as well as hud hints to explain to the objective to the player.

Map Content

Map props and texturesMap props and texturesMap props and texturesMap props and texturesMap props and texturesMap props and texturesMap props and texturesIn-game ModelsIn-game ModelsIn-game ModelsIn-game ModelsIn-game ModelsIn-game ModelsIn-game ModelsIn-game ModelsIn-game Models


New weapons and itemsNew weapons and itemsAmmobox Models In-gameAmmobox Models In-gameAmmobox Models In-gameNew weapons and itemsGlock 17New weapons and items

Other Changes

*Some changes have been omitted*


  • Additional player animation
  • Advanced multiplayer options menu
  • Effects: Film grain/vignetting post-process shader, full body awareness, bullet smoke, delimbing, blood effects and gibbing.
  • Interfaces: New HUDs for survivors and ZM, new main menu, hud hints and item auras.
  • Proximity voice chat: Added sv_proximitytalk to enable.
  • Weapons: Implemented new weapons, alternate weapons, custom weapons.


  • [Sound] Weapon sound replacements, footstep sound replacements
  • [Models/Textures] New weapon models, new map props, new map materials.


  • HL2.exe: Corrected process hang on close.
  • Local servers: Fixed master server query.
  • Shadow depth rendering: Fixed 20-40 fps perf hit.
  • Viewmodel: Corrected rendering in small scale FOVs.
  • zm_fire_lighteffect: Fixed disabling molotov dynamic lights.
  • ZM select: Fixed memory leak, not being able to select.


  • MP coord networking applied to all entities.
  • Origin prediction tolerance was raised.


  • Ai navigation: Disabled prop physics solving, improved path finding.
  • Custom NPC base: Added animation events, fixed animation cycling.
  • Flashlights: Drain amount set to 1% per sec, added recharging
  • game_text: Added flag for hud hints display.

We will be testing all of January, so stay tuned for more! Also we are still looking for organic modelers, animators and mappers!

Happy Holidays!
The Zombie Master 2 Development Team

nice work cant wait

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ZM was my favourite mod back in the days, I wonder if this is gonna blow me as hard

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ahhhh you shoulda included my map screenshot, the aztec one. :P

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its been too long since i've seen this name of the mod

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I had no idea you guys were working on a second Zombie Master. This is awesome! Great job so far.

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WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?! I didn't know about ZM2 !!!! I was playing ZM and that mod is the reason I own HL2 engine, so I could play it, today I learned you are making ZM2!!! what so good, I wish you good luck, the original was awesome!

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Can't wait

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Pls Steam only !!!!

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Playing ZM along with empires 2 was the best time I got on source engine. Still remember glorious cover player, who open doors with torch on Londons underground. Or trying to survive with few others in lighthouse.
ZM2 can bring it back. If code is done, more content can come later.

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