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After a few months of thinking about Zombie Co-Op and what I could do with it if I were to start it again, I have decided to re-open it's development with a new view on how it shall be made. It is being developed with the knowledge that, yes, there are many other zombie mods out there. It is a popular mod theme, that is a given. ZC will be developed simply as a fun mod. It's not supposed to be the next big thing, or the groundbreaking creative mod. Just fun. Read more for more information.

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Zombie Co-Op. It's back, I'm both happy and reluctant.

We all know I kind of left it as a big old mess when I canceled it a few months back. I recall the timeline for Zombie Co-Op went something like this:

1. The idea.
2. It's posting on moddb.
3. It's crappy first level map that wasn't that great at all.
4. I abandoned it without notice for a while.
5. I opened up Hammer a while later and started work on the first level.
7. I forgot to plan out the map design.
8. We all got this crappy jumbled, weird map that was probably my second worst map (first being the original first level for ZC.
9. Some random webcast kind of bashed ZC, which opened my eyes, "Wow, it's my first mod and I'm slacking off on the mapping. I have amazing maps for CS:S and my own mod has possibly some of the worst maps ever!"
10. Cancellation. I saw nothing good coming out of that mess.
11. Many months later. I've been thinking about ZC and what I could do with it.
12. Here we are. New plans, realistic idea.

The new Zombie Co-Op shall go something like this:

ZC is a cooperative mod running the Source 2007 engine (Orange Box). It will use Half-Life 2: Deathmatch and HL2 content, and probably not have much more other than that. The real fun will come in the mainly the map design and basic gameplay. ZC will simply be fun, not groundbreaking or "Omg dis gaem is soo craetive an orignal!". And as a sidenote, no, this is not a mod trying to "cash in" so to speak, on the popularity of Left 4 Dead. The concept for this mod originated in my brain before I knew of Left 4 Dead.
-Tons of amazing new features.
-This mod to be the next official steam mod.
-New features new to source games.

-Loads of fun.
-Loads of fun with friends.
-A wide variety of maps, each with a different theme.
-Three different modes:
1. Escape. You (and your friends, depending on if you have any) must survive the attacks of zombies as you try to get from Point A (ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE!) to Point B (The teleporter to the next level).
2. Survival. You (along with) your friends must try to survive the onslaught of zombies and sometimes combine. There is no timer, no time limit, no end in sight.
3. Escort. Similar to Escape. The player(s) must escort the VIP to a safe location. If the VIP dies, the round ends.

Now that I believe I have covered everything, I shall now adress the problem with the mod having flaws.
I am only a mapper, and still learning at that. Therefore, I am not able to do all the technical fixes to the mod's basic needs such as a scoreboard being shown*, names being shown on players*, the multiplayer option menu bug (nothing really is shown), players without models*, and any other problems I might not be thinking of right now.

*These problems may have been caused by the type of spawnpoint I was using.

I am accepting the following types of devs for the ZC team:

- Programming certain features to work in the game properly, and to fix any bugs with the game itself.
+Skinner - Skins for the models.
+Modeller - Custom player models/zombie models if you feel you're up to it.
*Voice Actor - Possibly for the voices used by an in-game commrose for players to use to communicate. "I need help!" "Roger" "Negative" "Good Shot!" in a cs-style menu, if you get the idea. Maybe also simply for "Ouch" noises when the player is hurt, or success voices when the player kills something. (Player kills a zombie, exclaims "Haha, take that!")
UI artist - Menus can look sexy.
+ - These jobs are not needed. If you can, though, you are welcome.
* - This job will probably be the least important, and I believe will need a

That's about it. For all of those who were looking forward to the original ZC, well... It's back! :)

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