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We have released the 0.906 patch for Zombasite. This patch speeds up the Mac build, fixes more multiplayer crashes, makes NPCs smarter, and fixes a bunch of other minor issues.

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We have released the 0.906 patch for Zombasite. This patch speeds up the Mac build, fixes more multiplayer crashes, makes NPCs smarter, and fixes a bunch of other minor issues.

Here's all of the changes for patch 0.906.



  • fixed VBOs on Mac (test went from 33 to 39 fps)
  • fixed a crash that happens in multiplayer if the non-server player gets raided by another clan (TnuocEht)
  • bow weilding recruits now try to stay out of melee range (ScrObot/Throwback)
  • your NPCs will now use health stones outside of town (ScrObot/Throwback)
  • NPCs now avoid traps and projectiles a little better
  • added Death Knight to class choice (marked as under construction)
  • fixed 2 handed weapons not getting distributed to clan members correctly
  • highlight text on friends on being attacked now gives you more details (Tuidjy)
  • now raid lines on relation screen have arrows to show who is raiding who (ScrObot)
  • added staff mastery to druid (Throwback)
  • hopefully fixed a problem with clan sometimes not being destroyed when last member dies (Tuidjy)
  • added long teleporter trap
  • increased vendor chances by 50% (DeathKnight1728)
  • fixed a rare problem where an item could actually break when trying to repair/upgrade it (Tuidjy)
  • fixed Nemesis XP mult (Caal)
  • fixed sometimes not getting reward for solving Arch-Nemesis quest (Caal/Gingiri)
  • added reuse timer to Stalker skill but also made it more powerful
  • increased Dark Ritual duration from 1 minute to 10 minutes (Elcs)
  • now items that level up are a little more consistent in their damage/armor/defense increases (DanSota)
  • added 4% stat inflation to Eagle Eye attack bonus (DanSota)
  • added 4% stat inflation to Dodge defense/dodge bonus (DanSota)
  • added 5% stat inflation to Marked for Death armor/defense debuff (DanSota)
  • added 5% stat inflation to Trap Master perception & disarm trap bonuses (DanSota)
  • increased Cooking food sense from 25% to 33% extra per level (DanSota)
  • increased Lure health by 50% (DanSota)
  • added 3% stat inflation to Earth Link health, poison resistance, and zombie resistance bonuses (DanSota)
  • added 2% stat inflation to Barkskin armor bonus
  • changed Lightning Mastery CriticalHit to MagicCriticalHit (Nesmo)
  • doubled Ball Lightning damage (Nesmo)
  • increased tornado per level damage by about 50% (Nesmo)
  • increased Blinding Flash strength from 4.0 to 6.0 (combats target's level more) (Nesmo)
  • increased Arcane Focus time from 20.0 to 30.0 seconds (Nesmo)
  • decreased damage radius of fire thrower's projectile from 100.0 to 60.0
  • item replaced when distributing items to clan now fully goes through NPC list (ScrObot)
  • now order of NPCs to distribute items to is randomized so 1 NPC doesn't always get first dibs (Throwback)
  • tripled Soul Eater bonuses (Oblivion)
  • made it so under construction subclasses don't pop up in random hybrid stuff
  • pets are no longer kicked out of party on raid start or end (TnuocEht)
  • now fires started by monsters are within throwing range of the monster (ScrObot/TnuocEht)
  • fixed item icon on highlight text sometimes coming from item behind slot pointing to (ScrObot)
  • can no longer use enemy lifestones or gates (ScrObot)
  • fixed hate monster NPC dialog (ScrObot)
  • fixed a highlighting issue on other stats character screen
  • fixed food icons on main screen overlapping minimap in some resolutions (Roswitha)
  • improved potions low icon
  • fixed secret area entrance in one of the grassland levels
  • changed button from "Recruit to Party" to "Remove from Party" when NPC is in your party (ScrObot)
  • fixed baseline & menu game sometimes impacting global stats
  • fixed some vendor screen help alignment issues (ScrObot)
  • now fire thrower fire explosions sounds are capped to a max of 4 at once (Throwback)
  • shifted crafting numbers over a little to fit larger numbers (ScrObot)
  • character menu now pauses the game (Throwback)
  • other clans will now suggest they buy contacts (Caal)
  • increased turn speed of extra projectiles from 500.0 to 600.0 (ScrObot)
  • increased higher level bag drop rate another 33% (ScrObot)
  • Riposte skill will now walk you into range if necessary (Throwback)
  • Mac now defaults to VBOs on
  • added a configVersion user var so I can force changes when needed
  • now if old config, force VBOs on on Macs
  • added Aura of Despair skill
  • added Aura of Poison skill
  • added Aura of Dark Blessing skill
  • added Plague Touch skill
  • added Acid Touch skill
  • added Agony Touch skill
  • can now give acid, poison, and fire powerups to NPCs (Tuidjy)
  • added 13 happiness related NPC dialogs
  • fixed some problems with event text up & down arrow keys at the beginning of a new world (ScrObot)
  • can no longer declare war, raid, etc with other player clans
  • now player clans automatically have an alliance
  • net trap now has a larger reuse time so you can't permanently net an enemy
  • added Hell Storm skill
  • added Sacrifice skill
  • added Malice skill
  • added Darkness skill
  • added Unholy Resilience skill
  • added Death Strike skill
  • added Death Rune skill
  • added Slaughter skill
  • removed reuse time from rampage support skill
  • moved Happiness column header a little on clan screen to fit better
  • changed color of sorting v & ^ characters to be easier to see (ScrObot)
  • added StatInflation parm to Skills and StatusEffects
  • NPCs can no longer get Infused Energy skill (Tuidjy)
  • made sound sound from earthquake skill quieter (The_Wuggly_Ump)
  • change protocol version to 34
  • changed "of Ionic" to "of Ions" (ScrObot)
  • no longer make +armor gold on armor items (total is already gold colored) (ScrObot)
  • fixed BlockedFromUsingSpells (Tuidjy)
  • fixed some ceasefire translations (Winter Kuzi)
  • made item text a little more clear which one is the one you are looking at
  • Cowerly personality no longer spawns, ones already existing renamed to Coward (Tuidjy)
  • changed "per hit taken" to "when hit" to be more clear and consistent (ScrObot)
  • added teleport print to teleporter traps (ScrObot)
  • fixed missing ConfirmDemand translation

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