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Features minor bugfixes and balance tweaks (commanders, ships and some defenses are stronger or cheaper).

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Version 0.61 Released

Features minor bugfixes and balance tweaks (commanders and some defenses are stronger or cheaper).
Version 0.6.1 is a hotfix for v0.6, and also contains a new keybinding feature.

v0.61 Changes

  • Fixed Firestorm on-fire effect slowing units
  • Fixed Slasher sometimes being able to fire while moving
  • Fixed a minor display issue in defense section of menu
  • Increased chicken grace periods to compensate for loss of boost
  • Most commands can now have their hotkeys changed through the Escape menu (Game Actions -> Hotkeys -> Commands).

v0.6 Key Changes


  • Fixed incorrect information in resource bars
  • Truncate framenumber from chat messages for people with engine version
  • Added some missing menu icons for state toggles
  • Minimap and state command buttons give visual feedback when clicked

Unit Behavior

  • Fixed Puppies being reusable after hitting a shield, getting stuck in heaven when hitting a map feature
  • Unit Transport AI: Fixed wait order persisting on units disembarking
  • Facplop is instantaneous
  • Some units should turn more smoothly
  • More entries for Unit AI


  • New GFX for constructor nanospray, anti-air missiles
  • New model for mobile cloaker, to match the rest of the factory
  • Replaced placeholder wreckage models with proper ones for many units
  • New loading screens


  • Puppy no longer cloaks
  • HLT, Doomsday Machine and Behemoth all cheaper. Behemoth requires a power grid (50 power) to fire.
  • Recluse rockets slower, less likely to hit rapidly moving targets; HP increased slightly
  • Venom turret turns faster, a bit more range
  • Goliath flamethrower more effective
  • Commander morphs give massive HP boost
  • Increased the HP and DPS of most ships by around 10%
  • Destroyer retooled to be more antisub-oriented
  • Sharpshooter can now shoot over most unit's heads; cost increased to compensate
  • Firewalker moved from the Shield Bot Factory to the Jumpjet/Specialist Plant
  • Athena (specops engineer) can be facplopped, build list expanded


  • Chicken: Suicidal easier
  • Fixed shipyard properties
  • Improved collision volumes for many units
  • Fixed/improved some unit animations
  • Updated numerous helptexts

Full change list is always available on development site

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