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Chapter 4 is now available. Venture into Ashenvale to take on the Night Elves! If you played the previous version, simply start Chapter One and then quit to restore your progress and continue where you left off. Remember to overwrite the old War3Mod.MPQ before running the game!

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Full Changelog:


Chapter 4 is now available. Venture into Ashenvale to take on the Night Elves!

General Improvements
- Improved the campaign menu screen so that the chapter names are easier to read.
- Going forward, each update will reset the available chapter buttons on the campaign screen. To restore your previous progress, you need only start Chapter One, then quit, then you can continue from where you left off.
- Decreased the volume of UI sounds and Zerg Ready sounds to be more in line with their war3 counterparts.
- Fixed Chapter 2 not being completable if the Frostmourne quest was completed before the Mal'Ganis quest.

- Fixed Lurkers taking too long to switch targets when ordered, causing them to miss more often than not.
- Increased spine area of effect to 70 from 64.

Queen's Snare
- Fixed missing area targeting indicator.
- Increased radius to 300 from 250.
- Decreased movement speed reduction % to 25/40/55 from 33/50/66.

- Adjusted the Dark Swarm model so it matches up better with its effect area.
- Dark Swarm radius increased to 400 from 300.
- Plague radius increased to 300 from 250.
- Hopefully fixed Consume sometimes not working.
- Multiple Defilers can no longer Consume the same target.
- Fixed Metasynaptic Node upgrade tooltip saying it gave 0 mana.

Other Unit Fixes
- Infested heroes now require a Lair.
- Infested heroes will now respect rally points.
- For larva / aspect morphs, the egg / coccoon's health be will relative to the original unit, as opposed to starting at full health. The unit that hatches from the egg / coccoon will still be at full health.
- Zerg Eggs and Coccoons hit point regeneration decreased to 0.25 from 0.62.
- Zerg Egg armor decreased to 9 from 10.
- Fixed missing Zergling burrow hole.
- Added attachment points to the Overlord model, so spell/weapon effects appear correctly on them.
- Mutalisks are now easier to click on.
- Corrected projectile impact point of Mutalisk and Guardian missiles.
- Changed Guardian missile to more resemble its StarCraft counterpart.
- Fixed Gamete Meiosis upgrade tooltip saying it gave Queens 0 mana.
- Removed hero glow on Infested Necromancers.

- Fixed rally points not being respected if they were set while under construction.
- Now appears before infested structures in selection priority.
- Now uses the generic zerg structure death animation, as their existing one was incomplete.

Other Building Fixes
- Corrected pathing maps.
- The terrain left behind when a creep-spreading structure dies will now depend on the map.
- Fixed missing death animations for Zerg buildings in Chapter 2.
- Fixed Creep Colonies and Spires turning invisible when cancelling an upgrade.
- Spawning Pool, Queen's Nest, Ultralisk Cavern, and Defiler Mound models have been adjusted to be closer to the shape they were in StarCraft.
- Spawning Pool and Infested buildings now use the same rally point as Hatcheries.
- Halved the delay between the Sunken Colony's attack and its target being damaged.
- Fixed some Extractors in Chapter 3 not having the right gold amount when built and leaving a full gold mine when destroyed.
- Fixed Extractors leaving a gold mine with 10 gold when they collapse.
- Removed white blob from under the Queen's Nest.
- Fixed Greater Spires not being clickable.

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