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A look at what's changed about Zeran's Folly in January 2015.

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It's February, which means it's not January anymore. Here's what happened with the game in that month that it's not anymore:

New Features

  • Menu Boxes
  • Character switching in-game
  • Area switching (Fast Travel)
  • Pausing. Grayscale when paused
  • New option to hold charge when releasing the attack button so you can press it again to use the charged attack.

Engine Changes

  • Post-processing is now additive instead of either-or so effects can be chained.
  • Input restructuring. Before, input would be updated depending on if the player had control or not. Now, input is always updated but only applied to the character when the player has control of that character.
  • Level asset loading is now handled by a dynamic queue rather than a static list.

Bug Fixes

  • Friction is now applied correctly when player input is being ignored
  • Character animations now update correctly when player input is being ignored
  • Slide rebound trajectory is now affected by character's rotation


  • Wiki created. Lists everything about the game from characters to NPCs to dungeons to you name it. A good chunk of time was spent putting it together. (Currently private)

Concepting, Planning, Iteration

  • Alternate outfit concepting for the four main characters.

    • Lone: Deathbringer Armor, Executioner
    • Lydia: Student Robes, Battlemage Robes, Magic Princess
    • Lisa: Battlekini, Flame Dragon Armor, White Angel Armor
    • Abby: Forest Nympho, Rogue Armor
  • One day was spent reimagining Lone's weapons. Decided to just make his axes bigger.
  • Vector math research
  • SDL haptic feedback research. Haptics don't work with XBone controller or Dualshock 4. Ditched it.
  • Mapped directional sliding to controller shoulder buttons and removed it from down+jump. Then, reverted changes because down+jump to slide is awesome and there's very little need for directional sliding.
  • Bug list generated
  • Brown Pants Crypt renamed to Tomb of Kings. The dungeon is now split up into three parts: the exterior Dead Man's Glade and the west and east parts of Tomb of Kings.

Stretch Goals / "Save it for the Sequel"
Sprocket, a playable robot character with a customizable move set. Unlocked in the epilogue. Can use any move the other characters have and more. Lots of outfit and ability customization options since it's a robot.

Roadmap for February

  • Whitebox out Dead Man's Glade and the Tomb of Kings
  • Fully implement level art generator
  • Create background art assets for the above areas


  • Featured on "Tryout Tuesday" segment:

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