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Dragon Ball Z third person multiplayer fighting standalone game. Message from the ZEQ2-Lite team. Main news is that the development SVN gained public access.

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First, a precursor. As many of you know, ZEQ2-lite has (encouragingly) been under full community/contributor development for well over a year and a half. During this time various artists, programmers, and other DBZ/game enthusiasts have stepped forward and offered their skills/time to help improve the project’s open source nature by coding additional features, fixing bugs, and adding supplemental content. They’ve all done a wonderful job on working to preserve the project’s longevity and improve it’s characteristics in their own unique ways.

While there are many talented contributors active on the project, additional support is always welcome. Any capable or interested individuals should make inquiries about contributing in the main #zeq2 IRC channel. Even those lacking in the skills/knowledge department when it comes to game design are highly encouraged to participate in IRC discussions, frequent the forums, and read some of the many guides available. What would a community-driven project be without it’s fans/community, after all!

Now, to the beef of this post.

Let me be direct in saying that there will NOT be a release today as some have predicted. Having said that I can now bring the news that the internal development Subversion (SVN) has been made publicly available as originally planned from the beginning. Whilst the first public beta SVN for the project was intended to be an abasement of the most active progress, an early Subversion split complicated this process and thus users who used the earlier link will have to once again re-checkout the new location.

What this means in layman terms is that that the most up-to-date versions of all ZEQ2-Lite models, textures, maps, and all-around media as well as the latest source code is now visible and downloadable by the general public. The curtains have merely been pulled back so that eager users may watch progress much more closely as it develops. This is to encourage additional interest as well as to clearly reflect all work being done on a timeline scale.

The files contained on this SVN are for primarily intended for developers/contributors only. If you are simply seeking a stable/updated/improved play experience, it is NOT recommended you download and use these files. The build is in a VERY strong state of flux, will likely update and change frequently, and is extremely prone to crashes/bugs at a rate well beyond the first stable public beta. It is strongly recommended that if you do test the experience that you do NOT use a listen server (the menu’s create option) — opting instead for the provided ZEQ2Dedicated.bat/sh file for servers.

Some of the changes you’ll find in Revision 1485 (written by Mima/Domitjen).

  • Battle damage skin/model support
  • Player sound system rewrite support: Every character has more taunt/death sounds to their disposal as well as screams while powering up.
  • 26 additional made-for-ZEQ2-Lite music tracks by FaulconerFan.
  • New lock on feature which gives an 1 vs 1 advantage but a disadvantage on your surroundings view
  • Transformations for Goku and Vegeta.
  • Edited/improved skills such as spirit bomb/special beam cannon.
  • Added Krillin, Vegeta Sayian saga, Vegeta cell saga, Frieza.
  • Added Namek — Desert — Last Stand maps.
  • Added speedlines while boosting.
  • Improved chat area/hud.
  • Reverted to pre-public beta melee (fast-paced/simplified)
  • Quality addons in Media/Addons.
  • New, upgraded system of ki attacks.
  • New sound modes.
  • Re-written stamina system.
  • Re-written Power Level/damage system.
  • OS X Build (Macintosh).
  • Linux Build.
  • Operational Melee based on Power Level
  • A partially working server browser.
  • New menu layout.
  • No more scrolling weapons exploits.
  • No more changing characters exploits.
  • Many small issues like character being stuck, while fatigue draining.

The internal SVN address can be found at for the most recent build. Source and Media folders also exist from the root should you want access to them. Please use the SVN Guide for information on checking out and obtaining these files properly.Follow up commits will be made frequently so be sure to use SVN->Update to stay on the latest stable version to avoid protocol conflicts between the server/client. This blog will serve as a means to relay SVN commit notes as well as to assist in stable revision numbers. It is highly recommended that servers use a prefix with the version name on their servers to label them accordingly.
Example : [1485] ZEQ2-Lite Server

IMPORTANT NOTE: For more information about the progress done in realtime, it can be found at the SVN development thread on the forums.


I've never been so happy :'D!
And if I see a comment saying "Wahhh It's so buggy wahhh" or "wahhhh why didnt you just add it to downloads instead of svn wahhh", I'll go berserk.

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Wahhh It's so buggy wahhh
wahhhh why didnt you just add it to downloads instead of svn wahhh

okay, I know there are bugs, I can life with them, I tollerate them, I love the progress I see with this version, I know how to handle svn's and I think this is a nice project and hope it will not die before beeing ready for normal players (sadly many alpha/beta project never get a final release just the alpha/beta release with no new needed patch).

I love your work and hope you will not lose the motivation. :)

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There are constant upgrades ponpat, everything is explained announced in this topic:

http ://www (without the spaces)

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Any chance of bots being added?

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probably in future releases but why play against a bot when fighting someone else is 10x more fun?

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Because sometimes I don't have an internet connection, or there's not anyone hosting a match. And I host my own waiting for 30-45 mins at a time for someone to join, which they never do. =/

I just want bots as a last resort.

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Server browser works now..There are plenty of servers and players on it.

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Some people dont even have fast enough internet in order to play online! And sometimes you would like to set the difficulty hey.

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yeah there is really no need for bot's the server browser works great i hope they dont add bots since its kinda a waist of time.

Great updates guys its really fun :)
There is always people online, and its a friendly fun community

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