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Zed Defence has officially been launched on Greenlight Today!

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Zed Defence. A fantastic mix of tower defence-meets strategy game.

A game where you fend off the zombie hordes from demolishing your city defences, and infecting the population, using anything to hand; from the kitchen sink, to floor spikes, explosive barrels, electrified traps and even rocket-launching turrets!!

Zed Defence builds, and builds, in intensity as the game progresses, until it seems like you’ll never be able to protect your beloved civilians from the onslaught of radioactive zombies, flying, crawling and gnawing uglies!!

Earth’s top-side has been polluted and left to waste, making it uninhabitable. As a result, humans have been forced into underground cities, and towns. However, the humans are no longer safe underground, either. The pollution above ground has started seeping into the underground too, and has started to bring the dead back to life, they’ve started to wake the dead!

Key features include

Zombie Tower Defence – A fun, hectic, strategic mix of gaming greatness!
100 Game Levels – Of zombie smashing and creature crushing, fun!
Tonnes of Traps – To use against the gruesome onslaught!
Upgradeable Traps – To improve their effectiveness against the hordes!
Multiple Game Modes – Campaign, Endless, Multiplayer and even Play As The Zombies Mode!!
Tonnes of Zombies, Creatures and Ugly ‘Things’ – Face multiple creatures, each one unique!
And much, much more.

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