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It's been one year since release and its time to celebrate with a pack containing all maps made so far in one download and two exclusive maps to it. Along with this, read below.

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The Time Has Come To Retire the Game and Engine

There has been some discussion lately and now we have finally come to an agreement. ZE Tournament will no longer get anymore updates and or maps. Instead the final release is today, which is the Game of the Year pack that will contain every map released and two exclusive maps celebrating one year of release all in one download. Now it may be hard to say goodbye but FPSC just doesn't work anymore. The engine is terrible and we have tried to deal with it and make stuff that could make the engine look good if not decent. But now ZE Gamez is going to cut their use of the engine and look into a new one. We're sorry to those who wanted to see more for the game but after encountering numerous crashing, bugs, glitches, other issues, and the TGC community lacking help.....

ZE Tournament 2

That's right, there will be a sequel still. For those who bothered with the survey will now have their opinions integrated into the next game. We at ZE Gamez will be looking for an engine that can deal with the following while performing well with good fps. So checkout the new survey and tell us what you want to see and more!


-Larger maps
(People wanted Fallout style maps and more)

-Large scale tournaments
(About 38 players or more per game)

-More modes
(CTF, TDM, Infection, etc.)

-Player customization
(No more having to use default player characters in each map)

(For practice, singleplayer mode, and multiplayer tournaments)

-Singleplayer mode
(Fight to claim champion)

(Set graphics, sound, etc.)

Features looking to add later if possible

-Map creator
(Create and share maps with the community to add more gameplay)

-Voice acting
(Voices for each character to give the world more life and to taunt your foes)

-Steam release
(Branch out to a larger community to bring them something fresh, at least it's not zombies or a Facebook game like what's flooding Greenlight)

That's All Folks

Well there you have it, huge plans for the future. ZE Gamez hopes to get out there more and actually bring something to the gaming community that will please the masses. We will post news through our Moddb page so check there every now and then. Till more news comes, this is goodbye.

ZE Gamez

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