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First News about the new Mod, VAKinc: Testing Grounds.

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VAKinc: Testing Grounds is a mod that's been in the works for about a month now, and the first in a series of Episodic "VAKinc" mods. The idea that really sparked VAKinc: Testing Grounds was the concept of an Episodic series of mods. Each one would be quick, only about four to six hours of playtime, and each one would add small changes and build upon the previous release. Every episode would introduce one or two new weapons, or a new NPC enemy, or new characters. Additionally, this would allow us to build on the community recommendations. They could suggest ideas for the next chapter, theorize about plot twists, etc.

Q: What is the plot of VAKinc: Testing Grounds?
VAKinc: Testing Grounds starts with the player in a small, wooden building in the dead of night. To his right are two shelves, with a Shotgun, a Crowbar, some Batteries, and some Buckshots. To his left are two windows looking out in to the night. Through the window the player watches as a Hunter slaughters a citizen. The player then frantically looks for an exit, the only availible one being a small hole in the ground that leads to a pitch black hallway, and thus the game begins properly.

The player will fight his way through a small town, a zombie-infested forest, a trainstation that has been turned into an Antlion hive, and it all culminates with an epic battle through a local Combine hub, with Striders, Hunters, Combine Elite, and Gunships all coming after you.

Q: How difficult will VAKinc: Testing Grounds be?
A: We are going to be aiming at around the difficulty of Episode 2, accessibility is more important than "Nintendo Hard" challenges. In addition, due to the lack of a Gravity Gun for the majority of the game, physics puzzles will be omitted. During the climax however, we are going to throw everything we can at the player.

Q: Why is it called Testing Grounds?
Because that's what it is, Testing Grounds. This is the pilot of the series, and we are going to pay close attention to what people like, what they dislike, and what the suggest. We are also going to see how people react to the idea of an Episodic mod.

Q: Can I work on the VAKinc Team?
A: Sure! We have various slots open.
Voice Actors (One male, one female)
Artists (Texure artists, logo artists, concept artists, and modellers)
Programmers (Knowledge of C++ needed)
If you are interested in any of these, you can contact me (VAKinc) personally at "", or leave a comment on the news post. I will require examples of your previous work before I accept you. We really are going to want a small team here, so not everyone is going to get a position.


I always wanted to try voice acting. What kind of character will the male be?

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VAKinc Author

The male would take over as the Player's Dispatcher roughly half-way through the third chapter. He has to be gruff, authoritative, and unlikeable.

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