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In the first of the Weekly Developer Updates, we take the time to answer some of the common questions since last weekends project announcement. We also take an early look at the character development progress.

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It's been great receiving the positive feedback from around the web. While we didn't get as much 'air time' as we would have hoped. I think we made use of the community spaces well, and we'll be sure to pick up more followers as the weeks progress.

This is the first Weekly Developer Update (WDU). We will post a new WDU every Wednesday, at around 8pm UK Time. These updates will include the past weeks progress, or touch on subjects related to development. We may also hold competitions and other interactive events via these weekly snippets.

This week, we wanted to reflect on the recent announcement of the project, and more specifically: answer some of the common questions that have been floating around about Conquest. We may do more of these Q+A sessions in a more interactive way in the future, however i think this is the best way (for now) to explain the project in a bit more detail.

Q: What genre is Conquest? Where does it fit in...

A: This is the question we've been hearing the most. Mostly from the website / forum, as our IndieDB profile has that information listed. Conquest is an action/combat third person 'shooter'. We don't like using the word 'shooter' as only one of three classes has the ability to shoot. But until something that fits the game in a more descriptive way comes along, we'll go with that.


Q: Is the game historically accurate?

A: Yes and no. We've tried to keep things as accurate as possible, but certain things may deviate from historic records or facts. Our first goal is to create a fun experience, the second is to create it based on historical events. We just want you to have fun ;)


Q: What is the combat like?

A: This is a very broad area of the gameplay. It makes up almost 90% of the time you'll spend in-game. So we don't feel like trying to answer this in a short answer like this. HOWEVER, we will be featuring combat footage, design discussion, and previews of the combat system over the next months.

If we were to explain the _current_ system (it might change). Then we would have to say, if you imagine some of the other close-combat/melee games. It's nothing like those ;)


Q: Will the Romans be overpowered?

A: This has been something we have been focusing on, ensuring that it is not going to be the case. While historically, the Romans we're much more advanced in terms of Weapons and Armor. We've made a few design tweaks to the Celts to allow for a little more metal in their costume. We're also making sure that the Celts have the ability to blend in with their surroundings. Hiding in the bushes for surprise attacks and ambushes.


Q: Isn't this game just like "insert name here".

A: Nope. We don't want this to just look like a mod, or another rip-off of previous or current games. We're going in a unique direction with things like personalising your character, and the multiplayer objectives system. Unlocks, titles, and ranks will also set the game apart from some other indie projects.


Q: Will Conquest have a singleplayer mode?

A: Right now, we don't plan to include one. However, depending on how the development of the multiplayer goes. Perhaps this is something we will either consider as an addition to the current project. Or we will release something along those lines as downloadable content after the game releases.


Q: Can i join the team?

A: There's a good chance that you can. We like to ensure that members are talented and dedicated first though. So we first get you to email us your portfolio / resume. We then look through the various people and pick out one or two at a time. You will then enter a week 'test' period. In which time you are given a task or collection of tasks to perform, and we monitor your activity and skill level. This is both to ensure you are right for the team, as well as what sort of work we should have you doing if you are to join the team. You can email us your portfolio/resume to:

Q: I want to buy the game!

A: You'll have to wait, I'm afraid. It could be months away before we get to a stage where we accept pre-purchases. We will be allowing people to buy the game for early (alpha/beta) access. We will also at some point accept donations. But we feel we should have something to offer you in return for any sort of payment you might make. Which I'm sure you will appreciate!


Q: Can we have X, Y, Z resolution wallpapers?

A: Yes! When we receive enough requests for a particular wallpaper, we'll think about adding it to the media page. We will most likely add new content to the media page to coincide with these weekly updates.


Q: How can i ask you questions? (Okay, no one actually asked this, but we feel it's worth mentioning)

A: Easily! Either just leave a comment on IndieDB, Twitter, Facebook or the Blog / Forums. Or contact us directly via the Meebo chat widget on the Crystal Core website, or email us.


Hopefully this WDU helped to answer a few questions you might have had. Remember to left us know if you have any more! Before we go, we want to leave you with this week's content updates. Lee has been hard at work to produce the first signs of life. We're currently working on the character system, which involves creating a base mesh.

Image is a work in progress

The character artists then use this mesh to sculpt new characters from it in Zbrush. Naturally due to the way we have planned a customisation system, some things may seem unfinished or in basic form. Such as the detail comparison between the head and body of this character.

Also, just a brief reminder. If you wouldn't mind just visiting the website's front page. Then just hitting the tweet and facebook buttons you find there. We're only going to gain more popularity by spreading the word. So if you can either direct your friends to the website, or just click those two buttons (If you have accounts at Twitter / Facebook, it takes just a few seconds). It will really help us out.

Until next week!


Good job guys, looking forward to this. I know you guys have been working really hard. So keep it up and show some media soon!

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