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the news on how i feel about people altering this mod or using content from it to add to their own mod

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Alterations to the CrowGuard

these could be anything you have a problem with within this mod, want a different version of or to have me change it.

leave a comment, and i will happily build a new weapon, actor, craft or modify an existing weapon based on your opinion.


change the weapon you want changed yourself, then send the file to me, i will either put it in as an alt version, the main version, or as a new weapon in the mod itself.
(ofcourse some people have probably made little alterations themselves,)
(but this way their version can find it into the main version of the crowguard)

Using Content from the CrowGuard in your own work

i have no problem what-so-ever with you using repackadged or altered content from this mod in another mod aslong as you put me and my mod in the credits for your mod and it would be nice if you messaged me, just so i know

for example if you used The Arbatel, with a new skin or/and another minor change,

simply put a line in the credits of your mod saying that it is a modified gun from CrowGuard.

But if you take a weapon from the crowguard, and make huge changes to
it, until you could say that there is nothing remaining of my weapon
in your gun, there is no need to mention me

unless ofcourse you want to.:D

if i havent mentioned something here leave me a comment below :)

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