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You may be wondering who the "we" are who are developing Dark Tunnels....

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Well, I started this project last year in January as a fun map simply for the pleasure of completing a good map. As Dark Tunnels neared it's finish, it was carelessly overwritten and I hadn't created a backup. First of all, I should have known better than to have only ONE copy of current DT. Second, I realized, if I was willing to put that much work into it, to renew it yet again, I should transform it into a game.

It was late 2010 that I finally started working on the storyline and what I would need and require to make it work. Still despite that, I hadn't completed any significant mapping to show my progress. At the same time, school became my main priority and I focused solely on that. But I realized, if I wanted to complete it I should probably get to work. Thus, I contacted several people who had shown their work on the Platinum Arts Sandbox Forum.

Owenisred: My primary (and might I add) only modeler, has completed a great looking med-pack! He had lost the original due to a computer crash, and I asked if he would re-work it with a different design.

Cork279: Cork has been extremely helpful in creating DT's soundtrack, and I hope to also upload some of his work soon as well! In addition to this, he's provided the fantastic box-shot that I uploaded recently!

Slayer: An artist as well, he's provided me with both DT designs and the icon for Dark Tunnels. His Official DT Logo was the original used for the box-shot! I look forward to sharing some different versions of his original logo.

Leo_V117: Coder and developer, he's definitely been a help with ideas that I've frequently bounced off him. We're working together on something really good that I think you all will enjoy.

Arcones: Me! Well, as head developer, I'm in charge of getting the various logos, boxshots, and icons in order as well as mapping and coding. Thanks to all of the above people, the first part of that statement has come along real well. The second half is coming slowly, but steadily, especially now that Summer is upon us. Look forward to more updates soon!

Head Developer

Arcones Author

Ori'verda has also joined the team as writer/plot-line and such! Welcome aboard!

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Thank you, glad to be of service.

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