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Battleships of Yotuns race. Here you are the list of the most dangerous and powerful.

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Yotuns space fleet

Now more secrets about Yotuns race are opened for you all, friends.

As you know, Yotuns race - is the most powerful evil in my books world. These cruel creatures not only destroying life in the universe, but also capturing planets and making many other races as their vassals or even slaves. Yotuns tyranny and anti-humanity system is trying to spread all universe. Yotuns everytime thinking about themselves as high and godlike race, who can change and transform universe to another form. Yotuns have very difficult government systems. Their main leader is unknown, but he have a lot of messengers (archpriests and sevastocrators), who are spreading his word to all universe.


1. Battleship "Nachtzonne"
Powerful pyramidal construction with heavy photon weapons. Have also very strong defence (armor from unknown metals), also good anti-rocket systems. Have very powerful energy shields systems, which are not even protect from enemy fire, but even can destroy atomic rockets. Size of this ship is indeed giant. This kind of ships attacked colonies of Earth Alliance in Bukhara systems. One of this dangerous super-ships can destroy entire fleet. This construction was created by sevactocrator Albrecht, one of Yotuns servants.

2. Battlecruiser "Tottenkopf"
Analogue of the same kind of cruisers from Earth Alliance. Very fast and very dangerous. Have form of giant jaguar beast. Have light armor, no shields, but very fast speed. Reactors are working in mysterious Darkness engines. Have very powerful rocket launchers. One of this ships also can destroy entire fleet, because shells of this construction are consist of dark substance, which can make little black holes after the explosion. This ship was created in the Bat`Gilleto systems, which were captured by Yotuns. Project was approved by general Deinz Tzitler.

3. Battleship "Schwarzwurger"
This ship have form of swastika, like arian symbol of sun. This powerful giant construction have very strong shield systems and armor. Its real flying citadel. Also need to say, that this super-ship haven`t got strongest weapon systems against other fleets, because defense - is the main power of this construction. This ships are also intended for armies transport. This can accommodate over then 10k Dark Sun soldiers, includes battle vehicles and aerospace aviation. This ship project was created for Yotuns fleet by Doctor Coel, one of hekatonheir military scientists and technics builders.

4. Battle citadel "Nifleheim"
Extremely powerful battleship, which have telephatic system of control. This construction have very strongest weapons systems. Rocket launchers, laser gun mounts and dark substance spreaders. This citadel can destroy entire fleet of Earth alliance in ten minutes. Have form of giant black octopus, created from unknown minerals. This ship was appeared in the Barton system and started to attack colonies in the third planet. Colonial fleet was destroyed by the darkness spreaders immediately. This construction was created in the Priorate system (Yotuns territories). Approved by sevastocrator Kesselringen.

5. Battleship "Ragnarok Spreader"
Kamikadze ship of Yotuns fleet. This construction can transform to many ships, which used in other races fleets. Also this ship can even copy the signal codes of other vessels. But nobody knows that "Ragnarok Spreader" have automatic control systems. Its controlled by Yotuns Artificial intelligence and have very powerful explosive weapon within. When ship reaches the Earth Alliance (or other states) space docks, artificial intelligence started to activate bomb and then explosion begins. One of this suicide ships destroyed whole space docks in the Phobos (Mars satellite). Approved by sevastocrator Albrecht.

6. Battlecruiser "Eye of Jormungand"
This was the main flagship of sevastocrator Alaial, who also called himself as Beendenkopf (Death Doctor) or Necromancer. This construction have form of giant flying sphere, which have extremely powerful rocket systems. But the main weapon of this ship was Launcher of Death, which can use chemical rockets against planet population and can kill even billion life forms. Several rockets can spread unknown alien gas, which can destroy all organic life. Also this ship had many kinds of biological weapons. Sevastocrator Alaial called his ship as Giant Laboratory of Yotunheim. This construction almost destroyed Young Planet.

7. Battleship "Hammer of Cain"
Giant flying technostation of Yotuns fleet. Have form of giant steel cuttlefish. Ship received his name from Cain, the first man, who killed his brother Avel. Earlier "Hammer of Kane" had another name - "Erhaben", when it was part of Hekatonheir fleet. Construction was updated with unknown metals, which have origin from darkness world. Ship was created by sevastocrator Piatar Telbad Von Hekkendorf in giant space docks of Priorate planet. Ship have very powerful defense and rocket launchers systems. Also this construction have hangars with a lot of battle drones and other cybernetic creatures. This ship can be called as carrier also. One of the popular Yotuns battleships in their fleet.

8. Ironclad "Blade of Dunkel"
This giant ship was the honor of sevastocrator Lasar Blodburg, general-oberst of Bat`Gilleto vassal systems. Construction have form of long steel fish with black coloured armor. This ship have strong shields systems, rocket launchers and massive dark energy beam, which can destroy entire ship in ten seconds. Also it have really powerful defense. No one Earth alliance shell can destroy even one part of its massive defense. One of these ships was used in the battle near Nova-Palestina planet. One of these steel creatures simply crushed the united fleet of Earth Alliance and Stra`Jis empire.

Massive giant constructions, which have truly giant sizes in all aspects. There are only two ships in Yotuns fleet, which can simply destroy planet. They had also the second names as Planet Demolishers. One of them is "Grendel", which have form of giant steel dragon with two heads. The second construction have name "Naglfarr" and it have form of giant flying disk. Nobody knows about their system of controls. These ships have too much secrets, and no one can explore it. "Naglfar" ship is main flagship of Lothar Rofling, Necrokonig, and the "Grendel" is ship of Archpriest Black-Eye, Voice of Uber-energy.


p.s. Please don`t make analogues with Third Reich, because its fantasy universe.


very nice descriptions the ship of naglfarr reminds me of yuris flying discs

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They would be awesome to have in a 4X strategy game for a Nordic space race

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BagaturKhan Author

Maybe you`re right ;)

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Little corrections on their names:

- "Nachtsonne" (literally "Nightsun" in german)
- "Totenkopf" (meaning "dead's head" or more commonly "skull" in german)
- "Schwarzew├╝rger" (literally "The Black Strangler" in german)
- "Niflheimr" ("Land of Fog", lowest realm of Hel, the nordic pagan hell)
- "Eye Of J├Ârmungandr"
- "Blade Of Dunkelheit" ("Blade of Darkness", "dunkel" being "dark" and "dunkelheit" being "darkness" in german)

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Gene Roddenberry would be suprised xD

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BagaturKhan Author

Maybe I need to write him or his studio?

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I like them all, especially (the cuttlefish) Hammer of Cain and Naglfarr (the disk)

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